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Sales Acceleration Solutions

Our solutions collect and leverage sales intelligence to accelerate the selling journey and increase conversions. Sales can qualify, segment, and better understand leads, which significantly improves interactions. With precision intelligence at their fingertips, sales have focused conversations resulting in an exceptional customer experience. As new knowledge become available, sales can personalize the website and leave messages on the site as leads traverse through the sales process.

FuseIT uses behavior intelligence, visit tracking, advanced lead capture, onsite messaging, and sales-driven website personalization to dramatically improve customer engagement and lead conversion.

Sales Managers will immediately notice faster lead qualification, more segmentation options, increased response times, quicker closing cycles, and greater customer satisfaction. This leads to more sales and higher rates of customer retention.

FuseIT delivers powerful functionality to sales and marketing teams across a range of websites to CRM connectors.

to Salesforce


Send2CRM collects web form data and visitor behavior from any website and makes it available in Salesforce. Sales and support agents use this intelligence to better understand each visitor. This greatly improves interactions and enables targeted messaging. As conversations advance, agents can further improve engagement by driving website personalization from the visitor's Salesforce record.

Send2CRM for Sales

Send2CRM for Marketing

Send2CRM for IT

to Salesforce


S4S shares Sitecore visitor browsing behavior with Salesforce to provide intelligence about the next customer. S4S includes a mapping wizard to push Sitecore form data to Salesforce, along with visitor behavior. This helps the sales team get a better understanding of the visitor's state of mind prior to sales calls. Conversely, teams can drive an individual's website experience directly from Salesforce.

S4S for Sales

S4S for Marketing

S4S for IT

Sitecore CDP
to Salesforce


CDP4S supports Sitecore Personalize and  Sitecore CDP and provides Salesforce users with the behavioral intelligence necessary to effectively communicate with their customers. By making this available to Salesforce, users get a better understanding of the prospect they are working with. CDP4S also enables Salesforce users to drive website personalization from within Salesforce.

CDP4S for Sales

CDP4S for Marketing

CDP4S for IT

Website integration with dual-mode personalization

The ultimate way to support your sales team.

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