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Information Governance Solutions

FuseIT integrates Salesforce with OpenText Content Manager (formerly TRIM). The S2T and T4S solutions simplify the transferring of files and records between the two systems.

 S2T and T4S enable organizations to automate, and increase compliance by ensuring that all documents are stored and managed in a purpose-built repository.

Why Integrate with Salesforce?


If your company uses both Salesforce and OpenText Content Manager there are many reasons to connect these systems:

  • Search, view, and download Content Manager files from Salesforce
  • Auto-sync Salesforce files and records to Content Manager
  • Ensure the safety and security of important files  
  • Save Salesforce storage costs by replacing files with links to files in Content Manager

Other wider benefits include:

  • Save time and increase productivity by eliminating file rehandling
  • Make files available to a wider group of users
  • Store files in Content Manager to comply with data residency and privacy regulations
  • Capture important Salesforce records in Content Manager for referencing, auditing, backup, or disaster recovery purposes
  • Improve customer engagement by making sales intelligence available to Salesforce teams throughout the sales process 

Systems that integrate well include grant management, tender application, and any system where large numbers of files are required to be accessible in Salesforce. A typical scenario is when Web-to-Lead or Web-to-Case forms are submitted to Salesforce with files that need to be in Content Manager for legal or regulatory reasons, convenience, or workflow processing purposes.

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