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Integrating best-of-breed software makes good business sense. It is more effective to unify your existing systems than to buy or build a new solution and introduce disruption, costs, and risk. Our integrations are battle-hardened in the enterprise environments of some of the world's leading companies. 

Sitecore to Salesforce Connector

S4S lets Sitecore websites seamlessly exchange information with Salesforce. S4S integrates at data, security, personalization, email, and reporting levels.

Sitecore CDP to Salesforce Integration

CDP4S help the Salesforce team learn about leads and prioritize them based on their characteristics and how they behaved on the website. Sitecore CDP tracks this data but having this up-to-the-minute intelligence in Salesforce helps sales reps focus on the leads more likely to buy.

Sitecore CDP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

CDP4D provides sales intelligence to Microsoft Dynamics 365 users derived from their web behavior. Sitecore CDP tracks this data but having this up-to-the-minute intelligence in Dynamics 365 helps sales reps focus on the leads more likely to buy

Micro Focus Content Manager to Salesforce Connector

S2T and T4S extend Micro Focus Content Manager features into Salesforce. Most functionality is in Salesforce and Content Manager remains untouched.

Sitecore to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector

S4D is a Sitecore to Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration that makes it easy to map Sitecore form values and visitor behavior to Dynamics leads or contacts. S4D has an API that enables the two-way transaction of data between the two systems in real-time.

Sitecore to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector

S4MC is a Sitecore wizard that maps Sitecore web forms the Salesforce Marketing Cloud subscribers and data extensions.

.NET to Salesforce Connector

The G4S connector lets ASP.NET developers seamlessly exchange information with Salesforce in real-time using the Salesforce Partner API.

Accredo to Salesforce Integration

Companies get the benefits of Salesforce cloud computing without moving away from Accredo.

Utility Products

 These product(s) are designed to improve the operational effectiveness of administrators and developers.

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