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Connect Salesforce to all your websites

Send2CRM is a customer engagement platform that delivers precision intelligence to Salesforce creating better sales conversations and exceptional customer experiences.

Streamline lead capture, qualification and personalization

Send2CRM is the ultimate sales solution for lead capture, Salesforce lead intelligence, creating website behavior-based marketing segments, and sales-driven personalization. Effortlessly capture and convert leads, gain valuable customer insights, create targeted marketing segments, and deliver personalized experiences to drive conversions. Send2CRM adds value at every stage of the customer journey.



Next-Generation Sales Intelligence

Connect Salesforce to all your websites


Personalize content on each site and capture visitor behavior

Push web form entries and visit behavior to Salesforce

Automate lead qualification

Personalize web content from Salesforce

Deliver sales messages to returning website visitors

Get notified when key visitors return to the site


Create segments and campaigns based on website behavior

A Game Changer for Sales

Send2CRM greatly enhances sales productivity:

  • Capture the behavior of individual website visitors and disclose it in Salesforce. This provides sales with valuable insights into a prospect's browsing history, interests, and engagement level

  • Drive website personalization from Salesforce, enabling sales to adjust the web content based on the visitor's stage and other lead settings

  • During calls, drive leads to relevant web pages, enhancing their experience, simplifying the conversation, and improving conversion rates

  • Use web channel communications to leave targeted personal messages for returning visitors creating a seamless omnichannel experience

  • Receive alerts when an important visitor returns to the website, enabling sales to re-engage at the optimum time and provide targeted support


A Turning Point for Marketing

Send2CRM boosts lead generation and brand throughout the customer journey:

  • Track website browsing behavior and make it available for website personalization. Previous behavior indicates visitor interest. Dynamically adjusting the content to match these interests improves engagement resulting in more leads

  • Quickly map web forms to Salesforce records e.g. leads, contacts, and cases

  • Create new marketing segments based on website behavior

  • Track email click-throughs and update the website browsing behavior in Salesforce

  • Send2CRM co-exists with email automation systems like Marketing Cloud and Pardot


Powerful Customer Engagement

Send2CRM enhances the customer experience:

  • Personalization makes websites more engaging for visitors
  • Chat provides immediate assistance to browsing visitors
  • Real-time engagement can capture leads by encouraging visitors to provide their contact details

  • Messages can be left for returning visitors to guide them through the purchasing process, answer questions, and offer incentives or discounts

  • Sales engagement is made more interesting and enjoyable

  • Support responses are easier and more informed

  • Query response times are faster

A Customer Journey

Sales and customer engagement on an insurance website


In this example, the website was configured to personalize content based on the type of insurance a visitor is interested in - life, health, automobile, home, business, or travel. Because a visitor navigated to health insurance, Send2CRM made this a priority and prominently promoted health content. The visitor was persuaded to complete and submit a web form. This created a new Salesforce lead that included the form data, pages visited, number of visits, visit durations, time/date of the last visit, visitor location, and a host of other useful sales intelligence

In Salesforce, an agent views the sales intelligence to quickly qualify, prioritize, and assign the lead to a salesperson. A workflow is often used to automate this. Now a sales-qualified lead (SQL), the rich source of up-to-the-minute sales intelligence is a gold mine of pre-sales information. The salesperson makes the call

During the call, the salesperson wants to show the visitor more information. The URL of the information is added to a lead field in the visitor's Salesforce record. This immediately populates a link on the website. The visitor is told to click on the link and is driven to the information page. The visitor is taken to several more pages - a custom healthcare plan, a competitor's website, a Google route map, and a look at the salesperson's online appointment calendar. Finally, the salesperson mentions that a message will be left on the website for the lead

After the call, the salesperson changes some lead status fields and this causes Send2CRM to personalize the website to promote a PPO health plan, the plan that most interested the lead. The landing page is also set to the PPO health plan so the key information is immediately and easily accessible. Finally, from the Salesforce record, the salesperson creates an in-page message to summarize the conversation and invite the lead to call back on a personal phone number

In the Salesforce lead record, the salesperson checks a "Visit" checkbox. This notifies the salesperson if the lead returns to the website (and views the in-page message). Returning visitor notifications are useful follow-up reminders as they flag continuing or resurging interest and indicate an availability timeslot

The salesperson uses Send2CRM to track the activities of the customer and identify new insurance opportunities and proactively respond to problems. The visit behavior can be a trigger to promote upsell or cross-sell products, or bundling deals. The salesperson can use messages to remind customers of the personal relationship they have established



We had a Salesforce lead from a Fortune 500 company. Someone yelled, "Is this for real?" We had just installed Send2CRM so the reply was, "Look in the Send2CRM tab". Seconds later, an excited voice shouted, "Wow, they landed on an article, visited 27 web pages, stayed 37 minutes, filled out a demo request form, and left on the 'About Us' page. This is as real as it gets!"



See how Send2CRM can work for your teams:


Send2CRM is a powerful software that allows businesses to collect and share website behavioral intelligence with their CRM sales team. With this data, sales professionals can qualify leads faster, personalize their approach to customers, and tailor website content to increase conversions and revenue.
Learn more ...


Send2CRM provides granular website behavior data that enables marketers to better understand their audience. Marketers can use the behavior to personalize website content so it better aligns with their customers' interests, resulting in more engagement and conversions.
Learn more ...


Send2CRM collects website behavior and shares it with your CRM sales team, regardless of the web technologies you use. This intelligence lets sales professionals qualify leads faster, personalize their approach to customers, and tailor website content to increase conversions and revenue.
Learn more ...

We have several Send2CRM packages available:

Send2CRM Essentials

Base package

Send web form data to Salesforce and enable website personalization

Free 30-day trial available

Send2CRM Professional

Includes Essentials features +

Send sales intelligence to Salesforce and track returning visitors

Free 30-day trial available

Send2CRM Advanced

Includes Essentials & Professional features +

Control websites from Salesforce and message returning visitors

Free 30-day trial available

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