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Insightful Lead Capture

The objective of most websites is to capture visitor information to start the sales or support process. In the past, lead capture involved little more than passing contact details in a web form to the CRM. However, modern sales and support teams demand more.


Enterprise websites now personalize the web content in real-time to match the interests of the visitor, track a visitor's browsing behavior, and relay this intelligence to the CRM team. Moreover, any updates made to the visitor's CRM lead record can be transmitted back to the website and leveraged to personalize the content shown to the visitor during subsequent visits.

The process begins by capturing and creating sales intelligence:

  • Track the browsing behavior of every website visitor. Optionally, personalize the website content based on the tracking history

  • Send the browsing history to the CRM when the visitor responds to a call-to-action

Tracking Browser Behavior

FuseIT solutions track each visitor as they navigate the website. Their behavior provides up-to-the-minute insights into their interests, priorities, state of mind, pages visited, length of time on each page, search queries, engagement level, referral source, likelihood to convert, geographic location, and language. Often of great importance, is what they did not see.

Collecting this behavior over multiple visits creates a comprehensive picture of the visitor. FuseIT provides solutions to use the behavior to:

  • Personalize the website content for current and future visits and/or

  • Pipe the behavior intelligence to the CRM for use by the sales team

All solutions enable visitors to be grouped into multiple categories e.g. "First Time Visitor" or "Returning Visitor". The segments become a powerful data source for determining website personalization and sales outreaches.

Capturing Sales Intelligence

A website call-to-action is where the business changes its focus from "attracting in volume" to "engaging one-to-one". As such, it is commonly the demarcation point between sales and marketing and often not afforded the attention it deserves. In particular, behavioral intelligence is not passed through the "form barrier" to the CRM sales team.

When in the CRM, behavioral intelligence is immensely useful. Empowered with this intelligence, sales can use it to prepare for future spoken and digital interactions.

FuseIT solutions map existing call-to-action forms to CRM leads or contacts. Within the  CRM, the Sales Intelligence Platform makes the intelligence available to sales and support professionals. The data is also easily passed to marketing automation systems (MAS) enabling outbound communications to be tailored to align with the recipient's website behavior.



Several FuseIT products support the capture of website leads into a CRM:


  • Send2CRM: Integrate any website technology to Salesforce. Supports visitor behavior sharing and website personalization driven by sales reps and support agents in Salesforce

  • S4S Cloud: Sitecore XM Cloud to Salesforce integration. Same as Send2CRM but tailor-made for Sitecore CMS

  • S4S: Sitecore XP to Salesforce integration. Enterprise web form support that pushes website behavioral data to Salesforce and receives personalization directives from Salesforce

  • S4D: Sitecore to Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration. The equivalent of S4S but targeting Dynamics

  • CDP4S: Sitecore CDP to Salesforce integration. Transacts form data, visitor behavior, and personalization instructions to and from Sitecore CDP

Website integration with dual-mode personalization

The ultimate way to support your sales team.

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