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S4S Cloud (Send2CRM)


Integrating Sitecore with Salesforce is a game-changer for your business, as it delivers unparalleled web intelligence to your sales, marketing, and support teams. This empowers them to engage in more meaningful conversations and provide truly exceptional customer experiences.

An integrated Sitecore and Salesforce is a winning combination for both sales and marketing teams. Send2CRM captures website leads, exposes behavioral intelligence in Salesforce, and enables Salesforce-driven personalization. See how Send2CRM dramatically improves customer engagement, increases conversion ratios, and creates and retains satisfied customers.

Next-Generation Sales Intelligence

Connect Salesforce to all your websites


Personalize content on each site and capture visitor behavior

Push web form entries and visit behavior to Salesforce

Automate lead qualification

Personalize web content from Salesforce

Deliver sales messages to returning website visitors

Get notified when key visitors return to the site


Create segments and campaigns based on website behavior

Send2CRM Benefits

Optimize, automate, and improve customer experience without leaving Salesforce! Send2CRM provides benefits to every party in the customer journey:

  • Quickly map website forms to Salesforce. Send the form field values and browsing behavior to Salesforce lead or contact records. The forms can be lead, registration, application, subscription, signup, or any other form

  • Salesforce teams learn valuable intelligence from website browsing behavior. The intelligence improves lead qualification, sales approaches, campaign segmentation, follow-up timing, automation options, upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and indicates the prospect's state of mind and knowledge levels

  • During the sales process, sales can change field values in the lead record of each website visitor to tailor their experience when they return to the site

  • The Salesforce team can add links to the website during live sales and support calls, creating a personalized and impressive experience for prospects. This cutting-edge feature sets Send2CRM apart, driving conversions and boosting customer satisfaction 

  • Salesforce teams can create reports to segment leads, for example, list the hot leads based on the number of page visits

  • Send2CRM tracks the visitor's behavior in their own web browser. This includes page views, visit duration, visit count, and much more. This intelligence is pushed to Salesforce at form submission time and updated during visits. This ensures the data in Salesforce is always 100% accurate

  • In Salesforce, the website intelligence can be synced to applications like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot, and Marketo. This allows outbound emails to be personalized based on the individual's web browsing behavior

  • Send2CRM supports dual-mode personalization allowing Salesforce teams to drive website personalization using Salesforce record field values or website personalization to be automated without instruction from Salesforce e.g. using Send2CRM personalization or Sitecore Personalize 

  • Sales can set a watch flag to alert a team member that a visitor has returned to the website. Send2CRM will create a notification when the targeted individual returns. This helps to identify renewed interest and is useful intelligence in determining when to follow up

  • Website popups or in-page reminders can be generated from the visitor's Salesforce record. The message will appear when the targeted visitor returns to the website. This is ideal as a reminder message or an acknowledgment of a recent conversation

See how Send2CRM works for your teams:

CMS-CRM connector for Sales teams


Send2CRM is a powerful software that allows businesses to collect and share website behavioral intelligence with their CRM sales team. With this data, sales professionals can qualify leads faster, personalize their approach to customers, and tailor website content to increase conversions and revenue.

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CMS-CRM connector for Marketing teams


Send2CRM provides granular website behavior data that enables marketers to better understand their audience. Marketers can use the behavior to personalize website content so it better aligns with their customers' interests, resulting in more engagement and conversions.

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CMS-CRM connector technology


Send2CRM collects website behavior and shares it with your CRM sales team, regardless of the web technologies you use. This intelligence lets sales professionals qualify leads faster, personalize their approach to customers, and tailor website content to increase conversions and revenue.

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Website integration with dual-mode personalization

The ultimate way to support your sales team.

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