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Send2CRM for Sales

Send2CRM creates new ways to interact with customers by capturing and actioning web intelligence. With up-to-the-minute insights into each lead's website behavior, sales are better prepared to engage and impress. During the sales process, from Salesforce, teams can individualize web content and leave personalized messages on the website to significantly improve the journey for all parties.

Send2CRM sends Sitecore form submissions to Salesforce including the visitor's website behavior. Salesforce users can view the visitor's digital footprint and state of mind prior to making contact. Conversely, when teams learn more, they can personalize the visitor's website experience from Salesforce.

Sales Brief

• Provide up-to-the-minute sales intelligence

• Accelerate lead qualification

• Rapidly prioritize leads

Personalize web content based on web behavior

Personalize the website as a sale progresses

• Tag specific website behavior to identify key activity

Create messages in Salesforce for returning visitors

Track returning visitors and alert a team member

• Base follow-up timing on renewed interest

Automate processes using Salesforce workflow

Accelerate Sales With Website Intelligence


Teams use Send2CRM to improve the entire sales process - from initial discovery to creating a fully satisfied customer:

  • A visitor discovers your website, browses several pages, and views content that has been personalized to their interests

  • Excited, they submit a web form

  • A new lead appears in Salesforce. It includes the visitor's current and historical browsing behavior

  • In Salesforce, an agent uses the behavior to quickly qualify and understand the new lead's frame of mind

  • The agent makes a sales call and mentions a message will be left on the website

  • In the Salesforce lead record, the agent creates a call summary, personal comment, and promo code, then selects a website landing page, and finally, sets a visit notification flag

  • Lead returns to the website at a convenient time and is auto-directed to the landing page. The call summary, personal message, and promo code are visible on the page

  • The agent is alerted to the visit in real-time and knows this is a perfect time for a follow-up call

  • Based on website behavior, the visitor is segmented with others and emailed relevant marketing material

Sales Overview


Send2CRM is built for sales teams:

  • More qualified leads are generated - made possible by personalizing web content based on the visitor's behavior

  • Provides up-to-the-minute intelligence in Salesforce on the lead or customer's historical interests, current state of mind, product knowledge, budget, and more

  • Notifies the sales team when a lead returns to the website - signaling renewed interest and they are available to discuss your product or service

  • Directed engagement by landing visitors to a relevant landing page

  • Personalized engagement by delivering targeted web content and messaging throughout the sales cycle

  • Deeper engagement using web channel communications (yet another touch point)

  • Wow factor by delivering dynamic real-time content during sales calls - link to shared calendars, route maps, upsell, and cross-sell products

Benefits for Sales Teams


Send2CRM benefits the entire sales team by automating and optimizing the sales process:

  • The website behavior provides insights into a lead’s state of mind:

    • Level of engagement and readiness to purchase

    • Level of knowledge

    • Possible budget

    • Fringe interests

    • Up-sell or cross-sell opportunities

    • What the lead did not see

    • Language and culture

    • Preferences and pain points

  • Salesforce workflow can automate lead categorization to reduce processing times

  • Lead scores can be assigned to prioritize the sales effort

  • Facets can be added to identify important interests

  • Regular outreach email campaigns can be personalized based on web behavior

  • Return visit tracking lets teams identify renewed interest and the best time to follow up

  • Based on website behavior, a visitor's suitability for a product can be determined

  • Flag specific website behavior to identify competitors, acquisition targets, potential partners, etc.

  • Reveal a visitor's interest in a particular product feature or benefit

  • Leads who repeat visit the same page suggest hesitancy which may justify a sales call

  • By analyzing website behavior across all leads, teams can identify patterns and trends and determine which marketing channels and tactics are most effective


See how Send2CRM works for your other teams:



Send2CRM provides granular website behavior data that enables marketers to better understand their audience and create targeted campaigns. With Send2CRM, marketers can also provide personalized content that aligns with their customers' interests, resulting in more engagement and conversions.



Send2CRM is a powerful software that allows businesses to collect and share website behavioral intelligence with their CRM sales team. With this data, sales professionals can qualify leads faster, personalize their approach to customers, and tailor website content to increase conversions and revenue.

Website integration with dual-mode personalization

The ultimate way to support your sales team.

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