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Send2CRM for Marketers

Send2CRM is an enterprise connector between any Sitecore website and Salesforce. Send2CRM improves the marketing and sales process at every stage - starting from the moment a first-time visitor lands on your website to them being a loyal customer.

Send2CRM enables website personalization and any web form can be mapped to Salesforce. At the same time, it shares visitor browsing behavior with Salesforce to help sales teams understand new leads. Sales professionals can view the visitor's digital footprint and state of mind prior to making contact. Conversely, Send2CRM sends Salesforce values to the website to personalize the visitor's experience and increase engagement.

Marketing Brief

• Enable website personalization from Salesforce

• Increase lead registrations

• Map web forms to Salesforce leads, contacts, etc.

• Segment visitors based on website behavior

• Share segments to email automation systems

• Capture click-through behavior in Salesforce

• Simplify and automate lead qualification

• Prioritize leads based on goals and visitor behavior

 No third-party hosting is required

• High level of data privacy

Marketing Strategies


Send2CRM makes the behavior of website visitors available in Salesforce and visitor experience controllable from Salesforce. This profoundly improves their ability to turn new leads into valued customers. By bridging the gap between marketing and sales, Send2CRM promotes enhanced teamwork and synergy that ultimately benefits the entire business:

  • Send2CRM can personalize the website content for each visitor based on their behavior to date. For example, a visitor who views health insurance on a site that sells insurance indicates an interest in that insurance type. Knowing this enables Send2CRM to swap generic insurance content for health-related content, effectively creating better engagement

  • Send2CRM has dual-mode personalization so website content can also be controlled by the Salesforce team. Further, they can message known returning visitors. The message can be inserted into an in-page section when the visitor returns to the website

  • Send2CRM can map existing web forms to any Salesforce object (usually a lead). Visitors who submit a form will have the form values and their current and historical website behavior posted to a new (or existing) Salesforce record

  • While interacting with a lead, the Salesforce team can monitor the lead's ongoing website activities, personalize the content if needed, and use the website as a new communication channel to deliver personal messages

  • Marketing campaigns can be created based on website activity segments. For example, visitors who viewed health insurance can be sent emails promoting medical insurance

Marketing Overview


The marketing effort is measured by the number of quality leads created for the sales team. Send2CRM improves and extends all aspects of the customer journey from the anonymous first-time visitor to a valued customer, generating more leads and conversions:

  • Increase lead registrations by improving website engagement through real-time personalization

  • Increase lead registrations by segmenting visitors based on website behavior and then sending targeted messages to each segment

  • Website form mapping to Salesforce leads

  • Increase sales by:

    • Exposing website visitor behavior in Salesforce - more sales intelligence

    • Enabling website personalization from Salesforce - deeper engagement 

    • Enabling the website to be used as a new messaging channel to communicate with leads and customer

    • Creating targeted outbound email campaigns based on web behavior

  • Improve effectiveness by:

    • Simplifying and automating the lead qualification process

    • Lead prioritization by lead scoring based on visitor behavior

Marketing Teams


Send2CRM benefits the marketing team by increasing website engagement, improving lead management, and providing greater depth to marketing communications. Send2CRM helps turn anonymous website visitors into qualified leads and valued customers in Salesforce:

  • Tracks website behavior and personalizes each visitor's experience by displaying relevant content, products, and services based on their interests and preferences

  • By analyzing visitor behavior, improved navigation pathways can be created to enhance usability and visitor experience. Different page versions can be tested to determine which performs best

  • Salesforce leads, contacts, etc. can be quickly created (or updated) from any web form. Simultaneously the website behavior is synced to the Salesforce record to reveal the visitor's state of mind and purchasing readiness

  • Lead scoring can be assigned to website behaviors. This enables sales to prioritize leads and focus on those more likely to convert

  • Personalized outreach campaigns can be based on visitor behavior with targeted messaging to meet recipient needs and interests

  • Outreach success can be captured in the recipient's Salesforce record e.g. if an email recipient clicked on a link to the website

  • Observe price reaction and visitor budget based on web behavior

  • No need for a new third-party system. This reduces the risk of potential security breaches, maintains a high level of data privacy, and saves on upfront and ongoing costs

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Send2CRM is a powerful software that allows businesses to collect and share website behavioral intelligence with their CRM sales team. With this data, sales professionals can qualify leads faster, personalize their approach to customers, and tailor website content to increase conversions and revenue.



Send2CRM collects website behavior and shares it with your CRM sales team, regardless of the web technologies you use. This intelligence lets sales professionals qualify leads faster, personalize their approach to customers, and tailor website content to increase conversions and revenue.

Website integration with dual-mode personalization

The ultimate way to support your sales team.

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