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Sales Intelligence Platform

Fundamental to sales success is having up-to-the-minute website behavior intelligence. When available in the CRM, web behavior is used to prepare for sales and support calls, segment leads based on interest and enthusiasm, identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities, flag returning visitors, and much more.

Using Sales Intelligence


FuseIT solutions offer a unique advantage by prioritizing the collection of individual-level intelligence rather than a broad focus on collective website visitor behavior. With FuseIT solutions, a CRM record is automatically created when a visitor submits a call-to-action on the website. This record is then continuously updated with the visitor's behavior each time they return to the site.


The individual-level intelligence is consolidated into the Sales Intelligence Platform within the CRM. By analyzing this information, sales teams gain a deeper understanding of each customer's unique needs and preferences. The up-to-the-minute behavior intelligence also reveals a visitor's state of mind and purchasing readiness. This rich source of information includes lead scores to make it easy to qualify and prioritize leads. Armed with a deep understanding of the lead, sales teams can better plan and prepare for personalized outreaches - both spoken and digital.


The intelligence enables marketing segments to be created based on website activity e.g. those visitors who viewed a product page.  Campaigns can use the segments to send personalized emails to leads and customers - increasing engagement and reducing churn.


Another powerful use of intelligence is identifying returning visitors. Informed by the pages visited, returning visitors may have renewed interest, interest in an upsell or cross-sell product or have a problem with a purchased product. CRM reports can be constructed to specifically identify the reason for the return visit.


After connecting to leads or prospects, sales professionals can choose to use Sales-Enabled Personalization to tailor web content for the returning visitor.

So what does the sales intelligence look like?

  • Over time, how often did the visitor return to the website?

  • What search phrase did they enter?

  • How many times did they view the product page?

  • Did they compare products or toggle between products?

  • How long did they stay on key pages?

  • What did they not see – like upsell product or warranty extensions

  • Which product categories did they view?

  • Which other product detail pages were viewed?

  • Did they view the About Us page?

  • Did they view financing options?

  • How did they find you - the referral source?

  • What was the call to action (web form, email click-through, etc.)?

  • What journey led them to the call to action?

Some FuseIT products that generate sales intelligence are:


  • Send2CRM: Integrate any website technology to Salesforce. Supports visitor behavior sharing and website personalization driven by sales reps and support agents in Salesforce

  • S4S Cloud: Sitecore XM Cloud to Salesforce integration. Same as Send2CRM but tailor-made for Sitecore CMS

  • S4S: Sitecore XP to Salesforce integration. Enterprise web form support that pushes website behavioral data to Salesforce and receives personalization directives from Salesforce

  • S4D: Sitecore to Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration. The equivalent of S4S but targeting Dynamics

  • CDP4S: Sitecore CDP to Salesforce integration. Transacts form data, visitor behavior, and personalization instructions to and from Sitecore CDP

Website integration with dual-mode personalization

The ultimate way to support your sales team.

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