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Sales-Enabled Personalization

Keeping website visitors, leads, prospects, and customers engaged with your brand is only possible with frequent communication and targeted web content. This is particularly true during the buying cycle stages.

Personalization Driven by the Sales Team


Personalization is tailoring website content or communication channel messages to different customer segments. Sales-enabled personalization is one-to-one personalization controlled by the sales team.


FuseIT solutions let sales teams personalize content based on where they sit in the sales cycle. The content can be delivered to the individual during a website visit or via a communication channel e.g. an email campaign. Personalization can be automated from within the CRM using workflow e.g. changing a lead status to "converted" could expand a web page section to show a product serial number and the name of the local support agent - the permutations are unlimited.


Sales-enabled personalization also works during sales calls. Amaze visitors by driving content to the website during sales calls e.g. populate a website link from the CRM to drive the lead to:

  • Product detail pages

  • A calendar to discuss possible appointment times

  • A map page to discuss journey times and parking information

  • Hidden pages on the current website

  • Specifications and warranties

  • Legal contracts


Sales-enabled personalization lets salespeople leave in-page or popup messages to be viewed by returning visitors e.g. to promote a new product or to just say "hi". An example message could be, "Great talking to you. Please call me anytime at 03-716-4379 if you have questions". 

Based on the value in a CRM field, e.g., lead status, tailored content can be delivered to each website visitor. Examples of personalized web content are:

  • Render targeted content that better matches the visitor's profile
  • Dynamically insert the visitor's location, company name, industry, etc
  • Tweak headlines to better match the visitor's interests and needs
  • Changes the language to improve the visitor's understanding
  • Speak to the visitor's industry, job title, experience, etc
  • Consider the visitor's familiarity and stage in the sales funnel
  • Align to known geographies to create a local look and feel
  • Reflect local website trends and languages
  • Align with industries, interests, previous purchases, etc
  • Prepopulate forms with the region, state, and city
  • Hide irrelevant sections of the website
  • Highlight customers in the same line of business
  • Expose relevant case studies and technical documents

FuseIT products enable website personalization to be controlled from the CRM:


  • Send2CRM: Integrate any website technology to Salesforce. Supports visitor behavior sharing and website personalization driven by sales reps and support agents in Salesforce

  • S4S Cloud: Sitecore XM Cloud to Salesforce integration. Same as Send2CRM but tailor-made for Sitecore CMS

  • S4S: Sitecore XP to Salesforce integration. Enterprise web form support that pushes website behavioral data to Salesforce and receives personalization directives from Salesforce

  • S4D: Sitecore to Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration. The equivalent of S4S but targeting Dynamics

  • CDP4S: Sitecore CDP to Salesforce integration. Transacts form data, visitor behavior, and personalization instructions to and from Sitecore CDP

Website integration with dual-mode personalization

The ultimate way to support your sales team.

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