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OpenText Content Manager to Salesforce


S2T is a Salesforce connector that lets users transact files and records with OpenText Content Manager. S2T essentially makes Content Manager disappear to Salesforce users.

S2T is a cloud application that installs into Salesforce and enables files and records to be pushed to OpenText Content Manager. After being synced to Content Manager they can be replaced with a link in Salesforce. Users are able to search, view and edit Content Manager files from Salesforce. 

S2T Benefits

Discover ways to work with files without leaving Salesforce:

  • Send Salesforce files and records to Content Manager

  • Push is initiated by a button click

  • Includes create, update, and delete functionality

  • Save Salesforce records to Content Manager as Rich Text Files

  • Upload files to targeted containers in Content Manager

  • Content Manager location can be globally set or individually overridden

  • Configurable for multiple Content Manager instances

  • Override default Content Manager credentials with personal credentials

  • Two-way SSL connection between Salesforce and Content Manager

  • Supports REST and SOAP calls to Content Manager

  • Native Salesforce application

S2T is listed on the Salesforce AppExchange so is a managed package. S2T uses web services to pass individual or multiple records to configurable locations in OpenText Content Manager.

S2T Features

S2T helps in other ways: 

  • Send files to mapped containers in Content Manager

  • Files can reside in Content Manager only. The Salesforce record has a reference link to the Content Manager file. Content Manager has a reference link to the Salesforce record

  • Alternatively, files can reside in both Content Manager and Salesforce (configurable)

  • View, save, update, delete, and download Content Manager files from Salesforce

  • Search and find Content Manager files from Salesforce then add a reference link in Salesforce

  • Save related Salesforce records to Content Manager as Rich Text Files

  • Save inbound emails and email attachments to Salesforce to Content Manager using Salesforce Email-To-Case

  • Show a list of files in Salesforce from a designated Content Manager location

  • Reduce file volumes in Salesforce

  • Use filters to auto-sync specific files to Content Manager

  • In Salesforce, view all files in a Content Manager container from a predefined search


See how S2T can work for your teams:



With S2T, file management is optimized by creating a single source of truth for business files. By syncing files and records from Salesforce to OpenText Content Manager, workers no longer need to devote countless hours to filing documents.
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S2T enables managers to make the most of their resources by eliminating repetitive document filing tasks. Additionally, by integrating Salesforce with OpenText Content Manager, files can be centrally stored in the latter, making it easier to locate them.
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Salesforce integration extends the features of OpenText Content Manager into the cloud. This solves challenges in both systems around data integrity, storage limits, operational efficiencies, universal access, and more.
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