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Powering New Customer Insights

Power up your sales team with real-time actionable intelligence

Unlocking business success is more than just collecting sales intelligence - it's about effectively sharing it with those who benefit from it. Acquiring and distributing intelligence cultivates collaboration, empowers individuals, improves sales performance, and ultimately fuels business innovation and growth.

FuseIT Sales Intelligence Platforms disclose trapped lead intelligence, let sales teams control website content, leave messages for returning visitors, detect visits, and more ... turning anonymous website visitors into valued customers.

The Problem

Vital sales intelligence is trapped in the browsers of your website visitors. It reveals up-to-the-minute insights into the visitor's state of mind, interests, priorities, engagement level, likelihood to convert, geographic location, pages visited, length of time on each page, and much more.

Unbelievably, this is not getting to your sales team!

The Solution

Provide the sales team with a plethora of real-time intelligence. They use this to qualify, prioritize, and segment leads, and critically, prepare for sales calls. We then enable sales to control website content, leave messages for visitors, and detect their return. Leveraging rich visitor intelligence will transform how you engage with customers, driving success to your entire business.



Feature Connector

Catapult your sales performance to new heights! Send2CRM captures website visitor intelligence, makes it available in Salesforce, and lets sales adjust web content and leave personal messages on the website throughout the visitor journey.



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