"Integration creates exciting new ways to improve your processes and lower costs using your existing systems"


FuseIT improves productivity and value by connecting best-of-breed systems. Use our effective techniques to maximize your business processes and returns as we've already done for numerous enterprise clients. Use our global experience to make your technologies work better for you.



FuseIT are experts with Sitecore CMS and highly recommend this technology for dynamic, scalable and fully featured websites. Sitecore is a web marketer's dream with advanced capabilities like personalizing the same web page differently to better match the needs of each visitor.


If superior customer relationship management is needed, it is hard to look past the universally available Salesforce CRM. Currently involved in several large Salesforce implementations, FuseIT have one of the finest teams available to address your most challenging requirements.

Micro Focus Content Manager

Micro Focus Enterprise Content Manager scales across large, distributed environments letting you capture, manage, access and secure your electronic and physical records from creation to disposal. FuseIT have connectors that extend these features into Salesforce and Sitecore.

Sitecore to Salesforce
Sitecore | Salesforce
  • Quickly map Sitecore forms to Salesforce leads or contacts
  • Capture Sitecore behavior in Salesforce. More sales intelligence
  • Deliver targeted web content from Salesforce
  • Improve data integrity using a single data source
  • Expose Salesforce data using a Sitecore portal
  • Customers update their own CRM records. No double entry processing
  • Share Salesforce campaign and report data with Sitecore
  • Extend the lifetime of Sitecore and Salesforce
Sitecore to Micro Focus Content Manager
Sitecore | Content Manager
  • Upload documents to Content Manager from Sitecore
  • Find Micro Focus Content Manager records using Sitecore
  • Update or delete Content Manager documents from Sitecore
  • Save Sitecore form captures to Content Manager as PDFs
  • Add links to Content Manager documents in Sitecore’s WYSIWYG page editor
  • Save files added to the Sitecore Media Library into Content Manager
  • Sync Content Manager documents to Sitecore Media Library
  • Make Content Manager accessible to more users
Salesforce to HPE Content Manager
Salesforce | Content Manager
  • Documents can reside in Content Manager or Salesforce
  • Content Manager document search and view from Salesforce
  • Save, update, delete or download Content Manager documents from Salesforce
  • Save Salesforce records to Content Manager as PDF documents
  • Save Salesforce attachments and emails to Content Manager as documents
  • Add direct links to Content Manager documents in Salesforce
  • Save Salesforce data exports to Content Manager or a local server
Sitecore to Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Sitecore | Marketing Cloud
  • Map Sitecore forms to Salesforce Marketing Cloud instances
  • Sitecore Launchpad application
  • Create or update Salesforce Marketing Cloud subscribers based on form data
  • Features to reduce duplication 
  • Map Sitecore form fields to Data Extensions
  • Add Salesforce Marketing Cloud subscribers to one or more Subscriber Lists
  • Push Sitecore analytics to Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Personalize email content based on website behavior


"A system is only as good as the quality of data within it. Our Sitecore Salesforce connector keeps data complete, relevant, accurate, timely, and accessible."


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