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Sales Intelligence

Sales teams need intelligence to effectively qualify leads and understand each customer's interests, nuances, budget, and enthusiasm. Rich and meaningful intelligence is known to those administering the website but is rarely available to the sales team!

The Problem

Your sales team is missing the intelligence they need to be outstanding performers. The marketing team, who manages the company website, is not able to create and share important behavioral intelligence.

Websites are powerful mechanisms for collecting lead intelligence. For example, visitor behavior reveals volumes of information helpful to the sales team:

  • Product interest

  • Level of enthusiasm (and duration)

  • Budget

  • Nuances

  • Culture

  • and more

Problem Sales Intelligence


Solution Sales Intelligence

The Solution

Share everything we know about the lead with the sales team. When a call-to-action creates a lead, pass the comprehensive behavioral intelligence to the CRM along with the form values.

Behavioral intelligence enables the sales team to easily determine the credibility of the lead (qualification), learn what the lead is thinking, prepare for the first engagement, and target the lead with tailored content aligned to their web behavior.

Side note: Our connectors also let marketing teams align (personalize) web content to what has been learned about the visitor i.e. based on behavioral intelligence.

Sales Intelligence

Complementing the intelligence received from the website, the sales team also gains knowledge as they learn more about the lead. The CRM lead record becomes a collection point where everything we know about the individual is in one place - a single source of truth.

The lead's CRM record reflects the stage of the relationship:

  • Lead Status e.g. New, Working, Closed Won, or Closed Lost
  • Lead Source e.g. Website Form, Trade Show, or Referral
  • Opportunity: e.g. Amount, Close Date, or Stage
  • Contact Information e.g. Email address, Phone Number, and Job Title
  • Activity History e.g. activities such as calls, emails, meetings, and other insights into the lead
  • Notes and Attachments e.g. important details and history


Sales Intelligence


Sharing Intelligence

Sharing Intelligence

It goes both ways! As the sales team learns more about each lead, the intelligence can be shared back to the website and the marketing team. This opens the door to many new possibilities. 

Our connectors enable the sales team to deliver personalized web content and messages to each lead as they traverse through the lead process. This allows the team to present rich, timely, and meaningful information to the lead in an unobtrusive way. Further, assigned sales professionals can be flagged when the visitor returns to the website and reviews the tailored content.

End-to-End Experience

Turn anonymous website visitors into qualified leads and then valued customers.

Insightful Lead Capture

  • Track the behavior of website visitors
  • Based on the behavior, personalize content to engage and drive visitors to your call-to-actions
  • Create CRM leads or contacts from web forms
  • On form submission make the form field values and website visitor behavior available in the individual's CRM record. Update it regularly so reports can be used to identify web behaviors 
  • Generate leads scores from website behavior
  • Unify lead capture across multiple websites

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Sales Intelligence Platform

  • Expose website behavior in the CRM to reveal the visitor's state of mind and purchasing readiness
  • Use leads scores to qualify and prioritize leads
  • Use website behavior to personalize outreaches
  • Use behavior to create marketing segments and automate outbound personalized emails
  • Track returning visitors to identify renewed interest
  • Create CRM reports to identify specific website behaviors

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Sales Enabled Personalization

  • Personalize website content from the CRM as each lead moves through the sales process
  • Amaze visitors by driving live content to the website during sales calls, or leave in-page or popup messages to returning visitors
  • Create website links populated from the CRM to direct visitors to any web page e.g. product page, legal document, or appointment calendar
  • Automate personalized outbound email campaigns based on behavior segments

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