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Send2CRM for Sales

Website to Salesforce Solution

Send2CRM captures web intelligence and makes it available to sales teams. This intelligence lets sales understand the visitor's state of mind prior to making contact. When teams learn more, they can personalize the visitor's website experience from Salesforce throughout the selling journey. From Salesforce, teams can drive website personalization, chat, and leave personalized messages on the website for returning visitors.

Turn anonymous website visitors into leads in Salesforce

Capture the behavior of individual website visitors and  form data and push it to Salesforce records. Gain valuable insights into your prospect's browsing history, interests, and engagement level. Send2CRM automatically creates new leads and updates existing ones. Form mappings are quickly created and updated in Salesforce. Map to single or multiple Salesforce records e.g. leads, contacts, cases, or multiple objects related to each other.  

Form mapping in Salesforce


View lead behavior

View lead highlights for precise sales opportunities

Prioritize the most relevant events and behaviors to ensure your sales team focuses on the metrics that are crucial to their sales objectives. With Send2CRM, your sales team can decide which website events to highlight—whether it's individual visit details, page views, goals, segments, email click-throughs, or custom highlights. This understanding of what captures a visitor's attention empowers your team to tailor their approach and messaging for more effective lead nurturing.


View overall lead intelligence 

Send2CRM enables you to view the overall web behavior of all visitors in the dashboard. For example, it shows the number of recent unique visitors, number of recent visits, how many pages were viewed, and other vital statistics. By analyzing website behavior across all leads, you can identify patterns and trends and determine which channels and sales tactics are most effective.


View lead behavior


return visit tracking

Use return visit tracking to identify renewed lead interest 

Send2CRM sends alerts when an important visitor returns to the website, enabling sales to re-engage at the optimum time and provide targeted support. Teams can better prepare for sales calls, as the Salesforce lead record shows their specific web behavior and form data captured by Send2CRM.

  • Indicates an ideal time to follow up

  • Captures renewed interest in a callback report

  • Tag and collect important returned visitors in a marketing campaign 


Create segments and campaigns

Regular outreach (email) campaigns can be personalized based on web behavior.
Create campaigns based on visit frequency, recency, and behavior to engage high-interest visitors. Prioritize leads showing strong engagement for better conversion chances. Reach out promptly while their interest is high, and offer incentives that match their interests for maximum impact.

Salesforce segments and campaigns

"Send2CRM brings personalized engagement by delivering targeted web content and messaging throughout the sales cycle 

Personalize web content

Personalize web content from Salesforce

Use website behavior data to showcase your customers' individual needs and interests. Adjust your web content to match the buying stage of the visitors and other lead settings.

  • Deliver targeted web content (images, text, etc.)

  • Land visitors to a relevant or targeted landing page

  • Personalize content throughout the sales process


Bring personalized messaging 

Achieve deeper engagement using chat and web channel communications. Leave individual messages for visitors on web pages and track their responses in Salesforce. Create a 'wow' factor by delivering dynamic content during sales calls, such as linking to shared calendars, route maps, and offering upsell and cross-sell products.

Personalized messaging Salesforce

We have several Send2CRM tiers available:

Send2CRM Advanced

Gain insights into browsing behavior, personalize website experiences, utilize advanced segmentation, and track returning visitors

Send2CRM Advanced Plus

Includes Advanced features +

Control websites from Salesforce and message returning visitors


Send2CRM Enterprise

Includes Advanced Plus +

Empowers large-scale websites (>50,000 daily visitors) 


Connect any CMS tool to Salesforce

Send2CRM connects any CMS tool to Salesforce can drive multiple websites across an entire organization from a single user interface in Salesforce.









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