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Send2CRM Packages and Pricing

Choose your features

Send2CRM is available in two packages

Send2CRM Essentials

Base Package


Send2CRM Essentials maps web forms to Salesforce and enables website personalization. This powerful combination increases engagement, attracts the visitor to a call-to-action form then maps the form field values to a new or existing Salesforce record.

Unlike other Salesforce web form solutions, Send2CRM Essentials works with your website's own forms, so no more third-party hosting - your form data goes point-to-point between systems you own and control. Web forms will look the same as the rest of your website, and say goodbye to inflexible and disconnected iframes.

     Connect Salesforce to all your websites without third-party hosting

     Capture visitor behavior and use it to personalize the content on each site

     Push web form entries directly to new or existing Salesforce records

     Retain visit intelligence when moving to a new website technology


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Starting from $1560/month

Send2CRM Professional

Extension Package


Send2CRM Professional extends the Essentials package. It reveals the captured website intelligence in Salesforce, facilitates segmentation based on behavior, and tracks returning visitors.

   Automate lead qualification and prioritization

   Get notified when key visitors return to the site

   Create segments and campaigns based on website behavior


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Starting from $2028/month

Send2CRM Advanced

Add more features


Send2CRM Advanced enables website control features in the Professional package. Sales teams can drive website content, chat, and message returning visitors from the comfort of Salesforce.

    Personalize web content from Salesforce

   Chat with known or unknown visitors in real time

   Deliver sales messages to returning website visitors


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Starting from $2766/month

Send2CRM Benefits   Essentials    Professional  Advanced  Enterprise
Save web form entries to Salesforce leads, contacts, etc.
Capture website visit intelligence
Enable website personalization based on the visit intelligence
Map multiple websites (with different web technologies) to Salesforce
Retain visit intelligence when moving to a new website technology
Save website visit intelligence in Salesforce
In Salesforce, create visitor segments based on the visit intelligence
Capture email clickthroughs and track the website visit behavior in Salesforce
Get returning visitor notifications
Automate the personalization of any website from Salesforce e.g. based on lead status
Drive live personalization during sales calls e.g. populate website links from Salesforce
Land returning visitors on relevant website pages
Leave personal messages on the website for returning visitors and get notified when they are seen
Populate website pages with Salesforce data e.g. a visitor's email subscription preferences
For large websites e.g. >50,000 visitors a day
Customers host a web service that transacts with their websites and Salesforce
Includes customer engagement platform that reports on website(s) performance
Automate out-of-cloud backups of Salesforce Data Exports
Enable integration with third-party authentication providers
Federate website intelligence to other systems
Maximum Salesforce orgs 1 2 10 Unlimited
Salesforce users (form editors) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Cost per month per Salesforce org $1050 $1518 $2256 Call
Maximum websites 5 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Cost per month per website $510 $510 $510 Call
Email support included
Voice support (add 10%)
365/24/7 support (add 30%)

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