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T4S for Finance

OpenText Content Manager to Salesforce

T4S increases workplace efficiency and reduces costs by replacing Salesforce-located documents with reference links, eliminating document double handling, minimizing training requirements, and extending the usefulness of enterprise software systems.

T4S helps improve financial processes, reduce errors, and enhance data accuracy by consolidating files from multiple sources into a single system. Having a single source of data provides a more organized view of information, facilitating better decision-making. Additionally, T4S improves compliance and reduces the risk of financial penalties.

Finance Brief

• Connect Salesforce to OpenText Content Manager

• Search, view, & add CM documents from Salesforce

• Increased visibility

• Leverage Salesforce automation

• Improved compliance

• Enhanced Compliance Monitoring

• Improved operational efficiency

• Reduced IT Costs

• Improved data accuracy

• Better Risk Management

Record Keeping 

Centralized record-keeping

T4S provides a centralized location for storing and managing all documents related to customer interactions, including contracts, invoices, and other financial documents. This ensures all documents are up-to-date and easily accessible across the organization.

Enhanced Data Governance

The integration helps ensure that data is governed and managed consistently across systems. This reduces the risk of data inconsistencies and errors.


Increased visibility

T4S provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions, allowing finance teams to track sales activities and customer engagement in real-time. This helps teams to make better-informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.

Better auditing

By storing all documents in a centralized location, audits can be conducted more efficiently and with greater accuracy. This helps teams to meet audit requirements more effectively, reducing the time and resources needed for audits.



Improved compliance

T4S improves regulatory compliance by ensuring important documents are robustly protected in Content Manager. T4S ensures compliance with record-keeping and data privacy laws. This minimizes the risk of fines or legal penalties associated with non-compliance.

Improved data security

T4S strengthens data security by enabling secure and auditable transfer of data between the two systems. This can help protect sensitive financial and customer data from unauthorized access or misuse.

Enhanced data privacy

T4S improves data privacy law compliance (e.g., GDPR or CCPA) by enabling the secure transfer and storage of personal information. This minimizes the risk of fines or legal penalties associated with non-compliance.


Comprehensive audit trail

By recording the transfer and system activity in both systems, T4S provides a comprehensive audit trail for compliance purposes.

Enhanced Compliance Monitoring

T4S can help improve compliance monitoring and reporting by providing real-time access to relevant data.

Automated compliance checks

T4S can automate compliance checks, such as verifying customer consent for data processing or ensuring data retention policies are met. This helps to ensure regulatory compliance, and again, minimizes the risk of fines or legal penalties.

Financial Planning 

Access to financial reports

T4S automates the transfer of financial records and data between the two systems ensuring finance teams can find financial reports more quickly and efficiently and be sure they have accessed the required version. The integration ensure compliance with financial regulations by robustly storing financial data. This minimizes the risk of fines or legal penalties associated with non-compliance.

Budget Management 

Improved operational efficiency

The integration creates cost-saving opportunities by reducing the effort to file documents and minimize the need to train staff on using Content Manager.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Improved efficiency

T4S automates the transfer of data between the two systems and increasing overall efficiency, reducing the need for manual data entry and minimizing errors. This leads to increased efficiency and productivity.

Cost savings

T4S reduces the cost associated with manual data entry, duplication of efforts, and errors in data processing.

Enhanced collaboration

Teams across departments can more easily access relevant information and collaborate on projects, resulting in more efficient and effective decision-making.

Reduced IT Costs

By integrating two key business systems, IT teams can reduce the cost and complexity of managing multiple systems and applications.

Faster Time-to-Market

Automated workflows and faster access to information reduces the time it takes to bring new products and services to market which creates a competitive advantage.

Management of Financial Risk

Improved data accuracy

Misfiling and document duplication are real concerns that re mitigated by using T4S. With real-time data syncing between systems, T4S can reduces errors and duplicate data by using Content Manager as a single source of data. Links are created in each system back to the other, so the document context is retained. This ensures data accuracy and consistency across both systems.

Reduced Risk

The integration can help reduce the risk of data breaches and other security issues by providing a more secure and controlled environment for managing sensitive data.

Better Risk Management

With better visibility into key data and metrics, executives can more effectively manage business risks and proactively address potential issues.

Financial Reporting

Improved Reporting

With integrated data from multiple systems, reporting and analytics can provide more comprehensive insights into business performance. T4S provides teams with access to more data, enabling them to generate more insightful and comprehensive financial reports. This can help CFOs to make more informed decisions about resource allocation and strategic investments.

Faster financial reporting

The integration allows teams to find finance reports more quickly and efficiently, reducing the time and resources needed for financial reporting.

Greater Visibility

The integration provides executives with easier access to documents and business data.

Improved compliance

The integration can help ensure compliance with financial regulations by providing a more comprehensive view of financial data. This can enable finance teams to monitor financial performance and identify potential compliance issues proactively, ensuring timely and accurate financial reporting.


Forecasting and Securing of Funding

Improved Forecasting

With access to more accurate and up-to-date data, executives can make more informed decisions and improve forecasting accuracy.

Return on Investment

Increased productivity

Automation data entry and manual record keeping frees up teams to focus on more value-added tasks. This leads to increased productivity and efficiency.

Increased Revenue

By creating automated workflows, improving sales performance, and providing better customer service, T4S can help drive revenue growth for the business.

Better Sales Performance

With access to all relevant customer data, sales representatives can better understand customer needs and make more informed sales decisions.




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T4S enables managers to make the most of their resources by eliminating repetitive document filing tasks. Additionally, by integrating Salesforce with OpenText Content Manager, files can be centrally stored in the latter, making it easier to locate them.
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