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T4S Technology

T4S is an enterprise integration between Salesforce and OpenText Content Manager. While T4S is similar to S2T, it is architected to pass larger files between the two systems. Organizations using T4S can automate the transfer of files and substantially reduce file management overheads. 

T4S automates the saving of documents in Salesforce to OpenText Content Manager (CM). After the transfer, the document in CM is usually (pending configuration) replaced by a link in Salesforce. The reference record in Salesforce (e.g. a lead, contact, or case) can also be sent to CM as metadata or even a snapshot of the actual record itself.

Technology Brief

• Connect Salesforce to OpenText Content Manager

• Search, view, & add CM documents from Salesforce

• Save documents in CM from web forms, emails, etc.

• Leverage Salesforce automation

• Simple and fast to install

• Extend CM with advanced Salesforce features

• Secured using Salesforce best practice

• Inbuilt API makes it easy to customize and extend

• Saves time and improves productivity

• Increases record retention 

Website Management

T4S can automate the storage of documents to Content Manager received from website form submissions. Forms are first mapped to Salesforce (leads or contacts). Any documents submitted with a form, e.g., a resume, are received in Salesforce and then immediately pushed to Content Manager, potentially with an RTF (HTML) version of the Salesforce record.

Customer Journey

Organizations often receive documents by email. A common scenario is the emails arrive in Salesforce via Email-to-Case. T4S can monitor the case object and detect when new documents arrive and immediately push those to a mapped location in Content Manager.

Technology infrastructure

T4S has two core components, (1) a Salesforce application and, (2) a lightweight application that is installed on an existing network server (or cloud VM).

Digital Strategy

T4S extends the life of Content Manager by extending it with the advanced features offered by Salesforce e.g., workflow, Einstein, ChatGPT AI, virus detection, etc.


  • T4S transactions with Content Manager adhere to Salesforce best practices. This includes securing data transactions with two-way SSL (with certificates). Communications require Content Manager authentication and tight IP range restrictions further add to this very high level of protection

  • S2T, the basic version of T4S, is currently in the Salesforce AppExchange and has passed the required security reviews


T4S is supported by FuseIT. Three levels of support are offered:

Standard: Email and help desk support. Responses are within one day

Enhanced: Voice support during New Zealand business hours. Responses are within two hours

Priority: 365/24/7 voice support. Responses are within one hour.


These occur regularly to optimize performance, and security, improve tracking and reporting, and add new features requested by customers.


The T4S architecture is designed to scale and can push huge volumes of data into Content Manager. In terms of document size, the system has a dependency on any restrictions imposed by the Content Manager API and the Internet itself.

Customization and Integration

  • T4S is easily customized in Salesforce and has an API that makes it easy to extend the integration if this is required

  • Salesforce is highly accessible to third-party applications


Analytics and Reporting

Using Salesforce reports, website administrators can create custom reports that query the usage of T4S over a period of time.

User Experience

  • Once configured, the user experience is entirely within Salesforce. The Salesforce UI can be customized to fit a customer’s unique needs, e.g., personalized dashboards, layouts, fields, and records

  • The T4S Salesforce UI is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. It is optimized for productivity, with streamlined workflows and intuitive tools that help users get their work done faster

Why Integrate with Salesforce

  • Auto-sync Salesforce documents and records to Content Manager
  • Save time and improve productivity
  • Ensure the safety and security of important documents
  • Search, view, and download Content Manager documents from Salesforce
  • Save storage costs by replacing Salesforce documents with links to documents in Content Manager
  • Eliminate document rehandling and the associated cost
  • Make Content Manager documents available to a wider group of users
  • Encapsulate Salesforce documents in Content Manager so they can be more easily managed
  • Comply with data residency and privacy regulations
  • Save important Salesforce records and documents to a local repository for backup or disaster recovery purposes



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With T4S, file management is optimized by creating a single source of truth for business files. By syncing files and records from Salesforce to OpenText Content Manager, workers no longer need to devote countless hours to filing documents.
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T4S enables managers to make the most of their resources by eliminating repetitive document filing tasks. Additionally, by integrating Salesforce with OpenText Content Manager, files can be centrally stored in the latter, making it easier to locate them.
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