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Compare S2T with T4S

S2T and T4S connect Salesforce with OpenText Content Manager (formerly TRIM). These integrations operate in different ways and this impacts the capabilities. 

Capability   S2T T4S
Can pass high file volumes (reduces the impact of Salesforce API constraints)
Can pass files over 6MB (reduces the impact of Salesforce API constraints)
Moves files to Content Manager
Support direct links to Content Manager files in Salesforce
Can move files to Salesforce
Onshoring is real-time by button click
Onshoring can be synchronized by scheduling (for bulk delivery)
Files can reside in both Content Manager and Salesforce
Files can be configured to reside only in Content Manager
Find Content Manager records by Record Number, URI, title, etc
Content Manager location container search
Create, update, or delete Content Manager files from Salesforce
Upload files from Salesforce to mapped containers in Content Manager
Autocreate record per Salesforce sObject
Autocreate container per Salesforce sObject
Save Salesforce records to Content Manager as RTF files 
Save Salesforce emails to Content Manager as text files
Show files in selected Content Manager containers in Salesforce
View all files in a container from a predefined search
Save Salesforce data exports to Content Manager or a local server
Control access with Salesforce roles and Content Manager permissions
Save and view records using your personal Content Manager credentials
Two-way SSL connection between Salesforce and Content Manager

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