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Connect Salesforce to all your websites

Streamline lead capture, qualification and personalization

Send2CRM is the ultimate sales solution for lead capture, Salesforce lead intelligence, creating website behavior-based marketing segments, and sales-driven personalization. Effortlessly capture and convert leads, gain valuable customer insights, create targeted marketing segments, and deliver personalized experiences to drive conversions. Send2CRM adds value at every stage of the customer journey.


Next-Generation Sales Intelligence

Capture visitor behavior in salesforce from all your websites 


Personalize content on each site and capture visitor behavior

Push web form entries and visit behavior to Salesforce

Automate lead qualification, prioritization and assignment

Personalize web content from Salesforce

Deliver sales and chat messages to returning website visitors

Get notified when key visitors return to the site


Create segments and campaigns based on website behavior

A Game Changer for Sales

Greatly enhance your sales productivity


Customer profiles

Gain Lead Insights

Capture the behavior of individual website visitors and disclose it in their Salesforce record. Gain valuable insights into your prospect's browsing history, interests, and engagement level.

Notification in Salesforce

Improve your Speed to Lead

Push web form data and browsing behavior to Salesforce and automatically create new leads or update existing ones. Receive alerts when an important visitor returns to the website, enabling sales to re-engage at the optimum time and provide targeted support.



Accelerate Lead Qualification

Accelerate Lead Qualification

Appoint lead scores to page visits or other website behavior. Automate lead qualification, prioritization, and assignment using Salesforce workflow. Auto-funnel leads to targeted marketing campaigns.

Optimize Customer Journey and Engagement

Personalize Individual Website Experiences

Drive personalized website content, chat, and messages from Salesforce and capture the responses of returning web visitors. Utilize web channel communication for personalized messages, crafting a seamless omnichannel experience.


A Turning Point for Marketing

Boost lead generation and brand throughout the customer journey


Create 360° Customer Insights

Analyze your visitors' interactions, behaviors, and touchpoints within Salesforce and access the activities of individual visitors and the combined behavior of all visitors. 

Optimize Customer Journey and Engagement

Optimize Customer Journey and Engagement

Track website browsing behavior to indicate visitor interest and other web behavior. Dynamically adjust the content to match these preferences throughout the customer journey and boosting engagement.

Segment Your Target Audience

Define and Segment Your Target Audience

Create new marketing segments based on website behavior. Link your campaigns to email automation systems like Marketing Cloud and Pardot. Track email click-throughs and update the website browsing behavior in Salesforce.

Marketing and Sales Alignment

Improve Marketing and Sales Alignment

Ensure alignment with the sales teams who operate within Salesforce. Eliminate data silos and prevent data overload by seamlessly integrating form data and web behavior into Salesforce records. 


See how Send2CRM can work for your teams:

CMS-CRM connector for Sales teams


Send2CRM is a powerful software that allows businesses to collect and share website behavioral intelligence with their CRM sales team. With this data, sales professionals can qualify leads faster, personalize their approach to customers, and tailor website content to increase conversions and revenue.
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CMS-CRM connector for Marketing teams


Send2CRM provides granular website behavior data that enables marketers to better understand their audience. Marketers can use the behavior to personalize website content so it better aligns with their customers' interests, resulting in more engagement and conversions.
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CMS-CRM connector technology


Send2CRM collects website behavior and shares it with your CRM sales team, regardless of the web technologies you use. This intelligence lets sales professionals qualify leads faster, personalize their approach to customers, and tailor website content to increase conversions and revenue.
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We have several Send2CRM Salesforce packages available:

Essentials Package

Base package

Send web form data to Salesforce and enable website personalization

Free 30-day trial available

Professional Package

Includes Essential features +

Send sales intelligence to Salesforce and track returning visitors

Free 30-day trial available

Advanced Package

Includes Essential & Professional features +

Control websites from Salesforce and message returning visitors

Free 30-day trial available

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Our integrations are used by some of the world’s most successful global corporations, public sector entities, education, and healthcare institutions

Website integration with dual-mode personalization

The ultimate way to support your sales team.

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