Micro Focus Content Manager to Salesforce (T4S)


Like S2TT4S lets Salesforce operators work with Micro Focus Content Manager. T4S is bi-directional and able to work with larger document sizes because of the way it is designed. It has a number of additional features, like the ability to snapshot important Salesforce records and push them to Content Manager as PDF documents.

T4S has out-of-cloud storage that provides flexibility around Salesforce backup and bulk access.


What are the T4S Features?


  • Onshore record retention (data residency) solution
  • Push attachments and chatter documents to Content Manager by button click
  • Queue multiple documents to be pushed to Content Manager by a scheduled task
  • Documents can reside only in Content Manager (referenced in Salesforce)
  • Documents can reside in both Content Manager and Salesforce (configurable)
  • Content Manager document search and view from Salesforce
  • Save, update, delete or download Content Manager documents from Salesforce
  • Upload documents from Salesforce to mapped containers in Content Manager
  • Save Salesforce records to Micro Focus Content Manager as PDFs
  • Save Salesforce emails or email attachments to Content Manager as documents
  • Add direct links to Content Manager documents in Salesforce
  • Show documents in selected Content Manager containers in Salesforce
  • View all documents in a container from a predefined search
  • Save Data Exports to Content Manager or local servers using scheduled tasks
  • Control access with Salesforce roles and Content Manager permissions
  • Two-way SSL connection between Salesforce and the T4S server
Content Manager and T4S

T4S is a high volume connector that provides the ability to push Salesforce attachments and documents to Micro Focus Content Manager and open Content Manager documents in Salesforce. T4S comprises a salesforce.com managed package and has a software component installed on a local Microsoft network server (or VM) in your domain (T4S Server). 

T4S Server

This component uses FuseIT's proven G4S technology to transact large volumes of data with Salesforce. G4S is a .NET application running on IIS that receives outbound messages from Salesforce to instruct it to pass individual or multiple documents to and from Content Manager. G4S uses standard Content Manager REST web services to communicate with Content Manager.

T4S allows Data Exports to be automatically pulled from Salesforce and inserted into a local folder on the nominated Microsoft server. This off-site data protection helps organizations meet their record keeping and risk management obligations. For more information please download the T4S brochure.

Data Privacy

T4S is easily configured to ensure sensitive documents are not stored in Salesforce. T4S maps Salesforce records to Micro Focus Content Manager containers and holds a reference to them in Salesforce. The image shows how a Salesforce contact record attachment can be referenced from the cloud.

  1. A user attaches a sensitive document to a Salesforce contact record.
  2. T4S functionality calls T4S Web Services.
  3. T4S Web Service methods pass the request to the G4S component.
  4. G4S requests the document from Salesforce and moves it to Micro Focus Content Manager.
  5. The document resides in a mapped location in Content Manager but still referenced in Salesforce for accessibility.

T4S is flexible in the way it maps records to Content Manager with a number of configurable storage options.

CM and Data Privacy
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