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Send2CRM Packages

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Send2CRM Advanced


Send2CRM Advanced connects Salesforce to all your websites, regardless of the technology used. It empowers you to effortlessly capture leads and visitor behavior across all your websites, personalize content dynamically, and seamlessly push web form entries directly into Salesforce records.


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30-Day Free Trial

We also offer an obligation-free opportunity to explore all the features and discover how Send2CRM can improve your pipeline. 
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Connect Salesforce to all your websites using any technology without third-party hosting, giving you control, reliability, and security over your systems and data.

Capture web form submissions from multiple websites  and consolidate them into a single Salesforce instance. Push web form entries directly to new or existing Salesforce records.
  Capture the behavior of individual website visitors to understand their interests, level of engagement, etc., and disclose this information in their Salesforce records.
Personalize your web content by leveraging browsing intelligence, dynamically adjusting the content to enhance engagement.
Automate lead qualification, prioritization, and assignment using Salesforce workflow by appointing lead scores to page visits or other website behavior.
Get notified when key visitors return to the site, enabling sales to re-engage at the optimum time and provide targeted support
Create segments and targeted campaigns based on visitor behavior to engage high-interest leads and  prioritize engaged leads for better conversion rates. 


Send2CRM Advanced Plus

Add extra features


Send2CRM Advanced Plus extends the Advanced package, granting you access to the full suite of features, including advanced website personalization and engagement tools, seamlessly controlled directly within Salesforce. This package is designed to further empower your sales process and create powerful customer engagement.

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Available on Salesforce AppExchange




Tailor your web content from Salesforce, adjusting it based on visitor stages, lead settings, and more, to deliver truly personalized experiences that resonate with your audience.
Engage with your visitors through messaging directly integrated with Salesforce. Capture valuable conversations and sync them with your Salesforce records, ensuring no opportunity goes unnoticed.
Guide leads to relevant web pages during sales calls, enhancing their experience, simplifying the conversation, and improving conversion rates.

Leave targeted personal messages for returning visitors creating a seamless omnichannel experience.


Share valuable resources, including calendars, documents, videos, and exclusive content with selected visitors, enhancing their journey even further.


Send2CRM Enterprise

Empowers large-scale websites


Send2CRM Enterprise offers the full suite of features and empowers large-scale websites (>50,000 daily visitors) by providing web service hosting for transactions between websites and Salesforce, performance reporting, integration with third-party authentication systems, and federated intelligence sharing.



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Self-hosted web service that manages website traffic at scale

Platform for website performance reporting

Supports third-party authentication


Share website intelligence with other systems



Send2CRM Benefits Advanced Advanced Plus Enterprise
Save web form entries to Salesforce leads, contacts, etc.
Capture website visit intelligence
Enable website personalization based on the visit intelligence
Map multiple websites (with different web technologies) to Salesforce
Retain visit intelligence when moving to a new website technology
Save website visit intelligence in Salesforce
In Salesforce, create visitor segments based on the visit intelligence
Capture email clickthroughs and track the website visit behavior in Salesforce
Get returning visitor notifications
Automate the personalization of any website from Salesforce e.g. based on lead status
Drive live personalization during sales calls e.g. populate website links from Salesforce
Land returning visitors on relevant website pages
Leave personal messages on the website for returning visitors and get notified when they are seen
Populate website pages with Salesforce data e.g. a visitor's email subscription preferences
For large websites e.g. >50,000 visitors a day
Customers host a web service that transacts with their websites and Salesforce
Includes customer engagement platform that reports on website(s) performance
Enable integration with third-party authentication providers
Federate website intelligence to other systems
Maximum Salesforce orgs 2 10 Unlimited
Maximum websites 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Email support included
Voice support (add 10%)


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