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FuseIT Downloader


This Microsoft Windows application automatically downloads Salesforce data exports as they appear. The endpoint is regularly scanned to identify and download new or changed files. Once configured, the download process is seamless and does not require user involvement. 

Salesforce Data Exports

A powerful way to use the FuseIT Downloader is localizing Salesforce Data Exports. Salesforce administrators can schedule regular backups of record data using the Salesforce Data Export functionality. The Data Export collates and compresses Salesforce records into zip files but leaves them languishing in the cloud. This falls short of an export (or backup) in that the zip files are still in Salesforce (or maybe not, as Salesforce deletes them after a period of time). The FuseIT Downloader is a Windows application that finishes the job by downloading the files to a location outside Salesforce. 




The Downloader includes several set-and-forget features:

  • Automatic update and download operations without scheduled tasks
  • Windows background transfer increases download reliability and can resume the downloading of large files
  • Secure OAuth2 authentication with no manual security tokens
  • Retries are delayed allowing time for any network issue to be resolved
  • Org export lists are automatically checked for failed downloads and files no longer available
  • The number of endpoints is unlimited and each can download to a different location
  • Audit trail logging of update results and individual file downloads. The audit trail is per Salesforce org


Other features in the GUI include:

  • Download progress is available at a glance
  • Control download operations on individual files or whole lists
  • Data exports remain on the list even after they disappear from Salesforce
  • Change the display name of your orgs to keep track of them
  • If a download fails, Windows notifications are raised after a configurable number of hours or retries
  • Direct SMTP email notifications with automatic fallback if emails fail to send

Security Considerations:

  • Transacts are between your systems only - no third-party hosting is required. During transit, data is protected using Salesforce best practice

Download From Other Web Sources

The FuseIT Downloader can localize files from other systems as well, just configure it and let the Downloader do the work. Some examples are:

  • New documents versions are auto-updated to your local directory
  • Auto-download backup files from site management platforms e.g. cPanel and Plesk
  • Capture website log files before they are deleted


The installer has two components, a client and a service. The client runs on a desktop operating system (Windows 10 20H2 or newer). You can also run the client on Server 2022. The service component runs on a wider range of Windows Desktop or Server OS.

If you have questions or comments, email us at

"The FuseIT Downloader interface is easy, intuitive, and automated"

Download the Application

Start using the FuseIT Downloader now. Download the application and click "Purchase License" to create your subscription. You may cancel at any time.

For more information about the pricing and setting up your licensing see the online documentation

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