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Using Sales(force) Intelligence with Send2CRM


Send2CRM provides outstanding intelligence and new ways for Salesforce teams to interact with leads and prospects on the company website. For example, by leaving a personalized message for an important visitor. Send2CRM enhances the sales team experience and customer journey at every step.


Sales Intelligence

Send2CRM supplements what is already in Salesforce with the lead's web browsing behavior. This intelligence gold mine reveals the lead's behavior during each and every visit:

  • Number of visits to the website
  • Average time on the website
  • Actual pages visited
  • Number of visits to each page
  • Referral source
  • Goals and segments 
  • and more

These up-to-the-minute insights can be filtered into "Highlights" that summarize key events in a timeline, instantly showing lead vitality and engagement levels. The insight data can trigger Salesforce workflow to auto-qualify, prioritize, and assign leads to team members. Flows can also auto-add leads to campaign segments while Salesforce reports and dashboards can reveal overall visitor activity.  

With so many insights, Salesforce teams can:

  • Better understand their leads:
    • State of mind - level of engagement and enthusiasm
    • Product interest and level of knowledge
    • Possible budget
  • Quickly dismiss
    • Time-wasters and unqualified leads
    • Leads who do not align with the target customer profile
  • Discover fringe interests for up-sell or cross-sell opportunities
  • See important content the visitor did not see
  • Identify the language and culture
  • Segment leads based on website behavior (and create targeted campaigns)  
  • Make sales calls with greater confidence

Viewing highlights  

The Highlights chart shows the count of highlighted events over the period defined by the Dashboard day count setting. Navigate between periods using the arrows either side of the date range heading. You can click on any day that has event counts to load a detailed list.

Send2CRM can summarize Highlights, e.g. for all Contacts related to an Account. The details table will include a link to each Contact.

Sales Calls

During calls, Send2CRM can control the website from Salesforce, guiding the lead through key web pages. This simple, secure, and real-time feature is ideal to:

  • Direct callers to product detail pages
  • Open web pages that are normally hidden from the public
  • Open third-party websites like competitor pages or payment providers
  • Share images, specifications, warranty, and legal documents
  • Assist with the form completion and electronic signing
  • Share a calendar to discuss and set appointment times
  • Share route maps and disclose nearby parking
  • Create voice-assisted guided tours of your website


From Salesforce, teams can use Send2CRM to activate custom messages, tag relevant page sections and personalize content for when the lead returns to the website. The flexibility of Send2CRM even allows bi-directional messaging, using the website as a new communication channel. 

Sales agents are easily alerted when an important lead returns to the website. After receiving an alert notification, agents can review the lead's website metrics, like visit count, duration, etc. and from this, determine if a follow-up call is necessary.


Send2CRM creates a wealth of actionable sales intelligence derived from website behavior. By analyzing this information in Salesforce, sales teams gain a deeper understanding of each customer's unique needs, preferences, and purchasing readiness. This rich source of information includes lead scores to make it easy to qualify and prioritize leads. Armed with a deep understanding of the lead, sales teams can better plan and prepare for personalized outreaches - both spoken and digital.

Then it gets really exciting! Send2CRM enables sales teams to personalize, communicate, and track website visitor engagement from Salesforce, delivering targeted personal content throughout the entire customer journey.   


FuseIT specializes in CRM integration. Our enterprise Send2CRM, S4S Cloud, S4S, CDP4S, and S4D, integrations enable the real-time exchange of data between web technologies and Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Please contact us for more information or to see a demo of these in action.


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