S4S vs Sitecore Connect for Salesforce CRM

These connectors have significantly different capabilities and support. The chart below compares the features - also see the YouTube comparison video.


FuseIT S4S

Sitecore Connect™ for Salesforce CRM

Overview Supports both real-time transactions (single source of data) and syncing mechanisms like the Sitecore Scheduler and the Data Exchange Framework (DEF). S4S includes a range of OOTB features in both Sitecore and Salesforce including support for Sitecore forms with analytics, personalization, website portals and Sitecore EXM. Uses the Data Exchange Framework (DEF) to sync the two systems rather than interact in real time. It treats both Sitecore and Salesforce as data sources. Users need to create Salesforce functionality and objects to support the storage of Sitecore data like visitor analytics
Features in brief
  • Bidirectional real-time or sync operations
  • Populate Sitecore tree, Media Library, or xDB with values from any Salesforce object or field
  • Access and compare login credentials when authenticating into Sitecore portal pages
  • Full WFFM and Sitecore Experience forms support including mapping wizard
  • Sitecore analytics appear in Salesforce leads and contacts
  • Use web events or the Sitecore scheduler to push or pull data to/from Salesforce using S4S coding libraries
  • Can co-exist with Sitecore Connect. S4S provides an extended xDB schema with additional facets to support enhanced personalization
  • Bidirectional sync operations
  • Use Sitecore rules to personalize based on Salesforce fields
  • Create mail list segments in Sitecore that combine data from both systems
  • Associate Sitecore visitor activity with a Salesforce campaign
  • Load Salesforce records into the Sitecore tree
  • Augment customer data with data from Sitecore xDB
  • Add data to Salesforce from Sitecore websites
  • Requires scheduled sync to transfer data
  • Can co-exist with S4S
Created 2009 2017
Enterprise-proven/level Yes, multiple Fortune 500 companies Discuss with Sitecore
Implement change requests from customers? Yes No
Works with Salesforce custom objects and fields? Yes Yes
Supports Salesforce sandboxes? Yes No
Includes Starter kit and code examples? Yes No
Full error reporting to the Sitecore log file? Yes Limited DEBUG logging
Optimization toolset? Yes No
Escrow options? Yes Discuss with Sitecore
Assisted or remote install included? Yes No
Onsite install option? Yes Discuss with Sitecore
Support for Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Yes No
Supports MongoDB caching engine? Yes No
Supports multiple instances of Salesforce? Yes Yes
Supports proxy servers? Yes No
Establish & control sessions with many Salesforce instances? Yes No
Establish sessions using SessionId and ServerUrl for embedding in customers Salesforce instances? Yes No
OAuth Support? Yes No
Web Service protocol? SOAP REST
Data transfer? Real-time and sync Sync
Sitecore Version Support?  6.1 or greater 9.0.1 or greater 
Sitecore Packages (required)?

Sitecore for Salesforce – Core

  • Data Exchange Framework
  • Sitecore Provider for Data Exchange Framework 
  • xConnect Provider for Data Exchange Framework 
  • Salesforce Provider for Data Exchange Framework 
  • Connect for Salesforce
Requires Sitecore Data Exchange Framework (DEF)? Optional Yes
Salesforce packages available?  0 – 5. Depends on features required No
 Sitecore Forms Support
WFFM support? Yes No
Experience forms support? Yes Some
Form Mapping Wizard? Yes No
Sitecore Analytics in Salesforce
Out of the box? Yes No
In real time with form Save Actions? Yes No
Salesforce package Yes No
OOTB Personalization from Salesforce
Via Sitecore roles and profiles Yes No
Via personas and pattern cards Yes No
Via Data Exchange Framework and Sitecore rules Yes, with default facets and S4S extended facets  Yes, with default facets 
Cost (perpetual) One-time $16K – $60K (typically $20K). Add annual support Contact Sitecore. Would require a significant development effort to match the features of S4S
Cost (subscription) $7600 – $42275 per annum (typically $9500). Includes support Contact Sitecore. Would require a significant development effort to match the features of S4S

Multi-level support options available:

  • Standard email
  • Enhanced phone
  • Priority 365/24/7
Discuss with Sitecore
Level of response
  •  Expert with Sitecore and Salesforce
  • Quick to engage with phone and/or WebEx
Standard ticketing system with no guaranteed response time

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