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Supercharge any website with personalization capabilities and harness the full potential of sales intelligence in Salesforce. Send2CRM features include dynamic content generation, adaptive user experiences, and personalized recommendations based on individual visitor behavior. This level of personalization goes beyond basic segmentation and allows websites to deliver highly tailored content to each visitor, increasing engagement and conversion rates.


With Send2CRM, sales teams can review website behavior and orchestrate the website experience of each visitor. Leveraging the combined forces of personalization and up-to-the-minute intelligence, teams can profoundly improve prospect engagement, optimize lead processing, and drive conversions at every stage of the customer journey. Send2CRM provides real-time data on website visitors, including their browsing patterns, interactions, and preferences. This valuable intelligence empowers sales teams to gain immediate insights into visitor behavior, identify high-potential leads, and respond promptly with personalized offers or follow-ups, increasing the chances of converting prospects into customers.


Send2CRM can drive multiple websites across an entire organization from a single user interface in Salesforce. The result is a comprehensive single view of every customer coupled with advanced interaction tools to drive conversions like never before.

  • Capture visitor behavior

  • Personalize site content

  • Push web form entries and visit behavior to Salesforce

  • Generate invaluable sales intelligence

  • Automate lead qualification

  • Highlight key visitor activities

  • Create campaign segments based on website behavior

  • Personalize site content from Salesforce

  • Tag relevant content for returning website visitors

  • Direct visitors to web pages in real time during sales calls

  • Activate website messaging

  • Get return visitor notifications

We also have clients using our niche connectors. 

.NET Connector for Salesforce (G4S)


G4S is enterprise software that connects ASP.NET systems to Salesforce. The connection works in both directions in real-time so you can instantly transact information.

Salesforce objects can be created, updated, deleted, or viewed from an ASP.NET website or offline system. A common use is pushing web form fields to Salesforce e.g. Web-to-Lead. Conversely, data in Salesforce, like cases, leads, contacts, documents, chatter, reports, and custom objects, can be made available for use in your local ASP.NET system.

G4S includes numerous caching, compression, keep-alive, and session handling features. It can be installed on any server running the Microsoft stack.

Accredo to Salesforce (A2S)


A2S connects your cloud-based CRM with the popular and powerful accounting package, Accredo.

Accredo accounting software is purpose-designed for small to medium-sized businesses and is highly recommended by users from a wide range of industries. In fact, it's so comprehensive that many Salesforce users are preferring to use Accredo ahead of cloud-based offerings.

The Salesforce to Accredo connector lets you push and pull Accredo information to and from Salesforce. While the current connector works with Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, Products, Opportunities, and Quotes, the data from any other Salesforce object can be integrated with little effort.

Website integration with dual-mode personalization

The ultimate way to support your sales team.

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