Micro Focus Content Manager to Salesforce Connectors


S2T and T4S are integrations that connect Salesforce to Micro Focus Content Manager (formerly HP TRIM and HPE Records Manager). Both greatly improve productivity by making the documents in either system available to the other. 

Why Integrate with Salesforce?

If your company uses both Salesforce and Micro Focus Content Manager (CM) there are many reasons to connect these systems. For example, if you are hitting the Salesforce storage limit or spending money on recurring Salesforce storage costs you can:

  • Auto-sync or backup Salesforce files to Content Manager
  • Save Salesforce storage costs
  • Save time and productivity by syncing files in real-time
  • Ensure the safety and security of important files
  • View or download files in Salesforce even after syncing them

Other wider benefits include:

  • Eliminate document rehandling and the associated cost  
  • Make Content Manager documents available to a wider group of users
  • Encapsulate Salesforce documents in Content Manager so they can be more easily managed
  • Comply with data residency and privacy regulations
  • Save important Salesforce records and documents to a local repository for backup or disaster recovery purposes

Systems that integrate well include grant management, tender application, and any system where large numbers of documents are required to be accessible in Salesforce. A typical scenario is when Web-to-Lead or Web-to-Case forms are submitted to Salesforce with documents that need to be in Content Manager for legal or regulatory reasons, convenience, or workflow processing purposes. The S2T and T4S integrations make it easy to manually or automatically support this process.

Two objectives of the integrations are automation and cloaking the complexity of Content Manager from everyday users. Read more about the advantages of making Content Manager disappear in this article.


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