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T4S Release Notes

19/12/2023 - Version 2.24 
  • Updated Admin manage Trim Records page, to reset records that have been remained stuck on “Processing“ status
  • But fix for records name length of 80 characters in the helper class
  • Updated unit tests and test coverage

11/12/2023 - Version 2.22
  • Updated Admin manage Trim Records page to send bulk scheduled Trim Records off to T4S Server

06/12/2023 - Version 2.21
  • Bug fix for T4S API public method “createContainerWithTrimSettings“ that will check Container titles with more than 80 characters when saving T4S mapping records back into Salesforce Container pointer Name field.

28/09/2023 - Version 2.18
  • New Admin manage Trim Records page that allows admin users to change properties and status of the Orgs Trim Records
  • Updated Admin manual sObject record link to existing Container to include additional Container properties when saved
  • Added new Trim Record Processing Count field that will help identity Trim Records that continuely get set to Processing status without reaching Synchronised status due a TRIM server error

11/08/2023 - Version 2.17
  • Upgrade to the T4S Admin Continer configuration page, that will now allow you to search for existing records using a drop down list of the sObjects available fields

24/07/2023 - Version 2.16 
  • Modified two classes from “with sharing“ to “without sharing“ to help resolve portal users permission issues
  • Bug fix on T4S Records Grid Lightning Web Control, when Record Notes is edited and saved, correct saved message is displayed

12/06/2023 - Version 2.14
  • Bug fix for older Visualforce records page Synchronise All Files button
  • Added new custom field to enable or disable older Visualforce Upload New Record button

31/05/2023 - Version 2.13
  • Requires T4S Server build version 2.1.23150.1 or greater
  • Updated LWC DataGrid colums to fit on larger layouts
  • LWC DataGrid on-load refresh will use last refresh date by default to help load the grid faster
  • LWC DataGrid on-load refresh will use the last refresh date for sub-Containers as well

25/05/2023 - Version 2.11
  • Added unique field to Trim_Record_Link__c so that upsert can be used
  • Updated LWC DataGrid to default page load sort on CreatedDate ascending
  • Updated LWC DataGrid to create new Trim Records found in Sub Containers to link to sub related object if a T4S Container exists for it

16/05/2023 - Version 2.10
  • Updated LWC DataGrid to have a view button on each row
  • Updated LWC DataGrid and unit test for extra long file names
  • Updated TRIM extra param string asTRIM REST api is now different from old SOAP service

11/05/2023 - Version 2.7 
  • Requires T4S Server build version 2.1.23130.1 or greater
  • Updated LWC DataGrid configuration to refresh from TRIM onload
  • Updated LWC DataGrid config to do a deep search on top level search
  • Updated LWC DataGrid to use HTML View if WebDrawer used with non-pdf files
  • Moved After Delete Attachment & ContentDocument check out of AutoAddEnabled check
  • Moved before insert Trim Record name length check out of trigger code as it was not working as expected

08/05/2023 - Version 2.6 
  • Requires T4S Server build version 2.1.23128.1
  • Updated TRIM Search to search Container by custom property Added RecordAlternativeContents back for Location Searches
  • Updated LWC DataGrid to refresh data grid using related Container to find Trim Records that are not known to Salesforce
  • Update LWC DataGrid to show Alternatively Contained Records that can be viewed


03/05/2023 - Version 2.5 
  • Modified Save Trim Record to not download file body if Edit Status is final
  • Modified Save Trim Record to send Edit Status back to Saelsforce after initial first save

02/05/2023 - Version 2.4 
  • Requires T4S build version 2.1.23118.1 or greater
  • Updated Unit test coverage
  • Added public api AuraEnabled method TrimConnector synchronizeRecordsByParentId
  • Added updateAttachmentName method in LWC Rename File control for old SF Attachments
  • Updated LWC DataGrid with Add Notes, Grid refresh and Sync All
  • Added parent URI field to managed package Trim Containers object
  • Added After Update to T4S Trim_Attachment.trigger
  • Modified Trim_ContentDocument.trigger After Delete to keep any saved Trim Record and make it an external file

28/04/2023 - Version 2.3
  • Added Paged search service method
  • Added TrimRecord Edit State field
  • Created TrimRecord details LWC pop up control
  • Added refresh TrimRecords from T4S Server on LWC pop up Details control
  • Added check for Record is Finalized before showing Upload New Version button


19/04/2023 - Version 2.1 
  • Added new Trim Record fields for File CreatedBy, File LastModifedDate, File ContentSize
  • Updated LWC DataGrid and Layout with fields


18/4/2023 - Version 2.0 
  • Requires T4S Server build 2.1.23052.1 or greater
  • Added LWC DataGrid pagination
  • Added LWC DataGrid Add Salesforce File
  • Added LWC DataGrid to view all related Trim Records and Salesforce Files
  • Added Trim Record Salesforce File Created Date Added modifyBulkContainers to TrimConnector
  • Added LWC create new Trim Record method and added LWC edit Salesforce File Title or Trim Record Name
  • Removed page layout visibility of old Vf pages.
  • Added created file date to TrimRecord object Updated TrimRecord download
  • Added After Update to ContendDocumentLink trigger to check if File Title has been updated
  • Modified TrimRecord trigger to check TrimRecord Name length before insert and update
  • Added AuraEnabled getTrimRecordsByParentId method to TrimConnector
  • See version 1.x to v2.0 Upgrade Tasks


22/03/2023 - Version 1.107
  • Requires T4S Server build 2.1.23052.1 or greater
  • Added Trim Record object Download Link formula field for file download from Salesforce
  • Addd new LWC DataGrid control to replace older Visualforce grid pages and Aura Lightning Control
  • Added new LWC DataGrid control to replace older Visualforce grid pages and Aura Lightning Control
  • Added new LWC DataGrid control to replace older Visualforce grid pages and Aura Lightning Control
  • Updated Vf page to display TRIM Record status, and open downloaded file in browser tab Updated triggers to use ContentDocument Id


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