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S4S vs. Send2CRM: Salesforce to Website Integration


For the last decade, FuseIT's S4S has been the leader in enterprise Sitecore to Salesforce integration. At its simplest, S4S maps Sitecore forms to Salesforce. This captures web form submissions as new Salesforce leads, contacts, etc. For organizations wanting to know more, S4S can push the lead's website browsing behavior to Salesforce. Finally, during the sales process, S4S lets the sales team control website personalization from Salesforce.


The Problem

S4S works for Sitecore websites but enterprises usually have many websites using many technologies. Some have several Salesforce instances. What is needed is a single secure solution that delivers the powerful features of S4S across any website using any technology:

  • Use a simple website script - set and forget
  • Use the website's native forms (an unlimited number)
  • A single Salesforce app that:
    • Enables web forms to be mapped in Salesforce 
    • Collects the website visit behavior against each lead
    • Provides intuitive ways to track, visualize, segment, action, and report on the behavior data
    • Provides ways to communicate with current and returning visitors
    • Detect returning visitors and alert the sales team
    • Drive website personalization
  • Ultra-secure - data is never shared with any third-party

The ideal solution would be consistent across the entire organization and not require specialist web technology skills to implement. This is Send2CRM!


Website Behavior and Personalization

A comment about website behavior. The browsing activity of each visitor is tracked for two good reasons: (1) to learn what the visitor is interested in and feed that to the website personalization logic so it selects the most influential content to display; and (2) to provide powerful intelligence to the sales team who can use it to qualify, prioritize, segment, and gain insights into the lead's state of mind, enthusiasm, and more



The Comparison

Both S4S and Send2CRM push website behavior to Salesforce to provide sales with up-to-the-minute insights into the visitor's state of mind. Both enable sales teams to personalize the website from Salesforce during the sales process. Operationally, however, they do this in very different ways. The following table compares the features and benefits.


Feature Send2CRM S4S
CMS Support Any technology Sitecore only
Multi-site support
Requires a third-party hosting service
Map web forms to Salesforce objects In Salesforce In Sitecore
Personalization engine Client-side scripting Server-side
Location of behavioral data Visitor's browser and Salesforce Sitecore and Salesforce
Autonomous client-side personalization
Capture web behavior in Salesforce
Personalize web content from Salesforce
Real-time personalization during sales calls
Website messaging and chat
Returned visitor notification



Existing S4S customers considering a Sitecore upgrade, transitioning to another CMS, or consolidating their lead capture process to more websites, can begin using Send2CRM at any time. Adding a simple script to the website starts capturing visitor behavior and pushing it to Salesforce. Because Salesforce stores the behavior, changing to another web technology does not cause data loss or require data migration.

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