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The Power of Sales Intelligence

Sales teams thrive on lead intelligence, but where does it come from? One powerful source is the company website—specifically the browsing behavior of leads before they became a lead! Website behavior reveals an up-to-the-minute snapshot of the visitor's state of mind, both in the present and back in time to when the lead first visited the site. Send2CRM is a connector that captures website activity and sends it to a Salesforce record, but this is just the beginning.

Yes, Send2CRM tracks website visitors and sends their behavior to Salesforce, but it also has many other benefits for the sales team. For example, it detects returning visitors and enables website personalization and messaging driven directly from Salesforce.

Harnessing Behavioral Data in Salesforce 

Why do you need website behavioral data in Salesforce? The answer is to help sales teams qualify, prioritize, segment, and prepare to converse with leads based on how they behave on the website. Send2CRM also increases lead engagement and conversions by enabling the sales team to personalize the website based on where the lead is in the buying journey.

An example of this interaction is when a sales agent has just finished a call with an early-stage lead. The agent records the lead status, call summary, and a short message in the Salesforce lead record. When the lead returns to the website days later, they are greeted with tailored content and a personal message. The visit alerts the agent that the lead has returned to the website and read the message.

for Sales and Support Teams

Send2CRM's advanced lead processing strategies deliver exceptional results by providing intelligence and tools to Salesforce sales and support teams. Visitor behavior provides insights into a lead’s preferences, state of mind, and purchasing readiness. The Salesforce team can:

  • Determine which leads are most engaged and likely to convert
  • Discover a lead's interests and pain points and personalize communications accordingly
  • Generate lead scores based on website activity to facilitate lead prioritization e.g. time spent on the website or visit frequency
  • Personalize the sales outreach to better meet visitors’ needs and interests 
  • Identify potential upsell opportunities and increase revenue from existing customers
  • Identify returning visitors and therefore renewed interest to guide follow-up timing
  • Identify the best time of the day, or night, to follow up based on previous visit times
  • Deliver in-page or popup messages to leads as they traverse through the sales pipeline

Send2CRM enables efficiency gains using Salesforce workflow, such as automating lead qualification and categorization.

Send2CRM for Marketers

Send2CRM can turn anonymous website visitors into qualified leads and valued customers in Salesforce:

  • Create Salesforce leads, contacts, and more from web forms
  • Track website behavior and implement personalization based on the behavior to date. Website behavior enables marketers to:
    • Improve content and messaging to better meet the needs and interests of leads
    • Drive product recommendations to increase engagement and increase the likelihood of a sale
    • Identify website issues, such as page load times, navigation, and layout
    • Test different page content versions based on behavior to determine which performs best
    • Identify other websites visitors are interested in
    • Determine visitor budget (and sticker shock) based on web behavior
    • Identify price hesitancy
  • Improved marketing communications:
    • Send targeted emails based on website behavior e.g., visitors to a page can be emailed specific information
    • Capture email click-through details in the recipient's Salesforce record
  • Cost reductions:
    • Send2CRM customers don't have huge upfront costs or ongoing expenditures


Increase Engagement During the Customer Journey

The following customer journey is typical:

  • Capture: Web form submissions, events, and visitor behavior data are mapped and sent to a Salesforce record. The record type can be a lead (most common), contact, case, or any other type of record
  • Analyze: Send2CRM pushes pages visited, number of visits, visit durations, time/date of the last visit, visitor location, how the visitor arrived on the website, and any other data to Salesforce. These insights generate sales intelligence and confidence, enable more targeting options, and help increase sales
  • Connect: Send2CRM can drive web content to the website during and after sales conversations. Using Send2CRM, Salesforce teams can present relevant web pages to the lead, such as showing a product, FAQs, competitor’s website, route map, appointment calendar, or a download link
  • Personalize: Tailored web content and custom messages can be delivered to returning visitors from their Salesforce record
  • Close: Send2CRM detects when a visitor has returned to the website and notifies the relevant Salesforce agent in the team
  • Retain: Send2CRM continuously updates Salesforce records with the website behavior of customers who revisit the site. Using the updated visit behavior, personalized content is displayed to facilitate upselling, cross-selling, and other messaging

Implementing Send2CRM

Send2CRM is a Salesforce application that transacts form, event, analytics, and personalization data from the visitor's web browser. The connector works on any CRM or website, including traditional, hybrid, or headless web architectures. Send2CRM can accept form submissions from many different websites and consolidate the data in a single (or several) Salesforce instance. Send2CRM offers dual-mode personalization, where web content can be personalized in two ways: (1) by using scripts to read the captured visit behavior, or (2) as directed (overridden) from Salesforce.


Send2CRM helps businesses improve website visitor engagement, generate more leads for their Salesforce team, and provides valuable insights into the behavior of each visitor on the site. Sales and support teams can determine which leads are most engaged and likely to convert, identify potential upsell opportunities, and personalize sales outreach to better meet visitors' needs and interests.

Overall, Send2CRM is a valuable solution for sales, marketing, and IT teams looking to increase their sales revenues.


FuseIT specializes in CRM integration. Our enterprise Send2CRMS4S, and CDP4S, connectors enable the real-time exchange of data from website technologies to Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Please contact us for more information or to see a demo of these in action.


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