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Sales Teams: Bridging the CRM-Website Chasm

So many CMS vendors still don't understand the massive value of providing sales teams with the behavior of website visitors. This intelligence is incredibly useful in a CRM lead record and a "Must Have" for any organization that wants to actively support its own sales team.


The Chasm

Websites usually collect visitor behavior (e.g. the number of visits, visit durations, pages visited, etc.) to enable personalization. The behavior is captured and saved to a website database or pushed to a separate Content Delivery Platform (CDP). The data is then segmented into interest groups which tell the website which content version to display during current and future visits. This process has two significant flaws. First, the data does not reach the sales team who conduct real conversations with leads, and second, the website personalizations are based on data segments, not tailored one-to-one driven by person-specific insights.


The enormous disconnect between websites and CRMs is likely because the systems are administered by different corporate groups and the failure to recognize the symbiotic relationship between sales and marketing, where what benefits one department positively impacts the other. Further, CMS vendors don't have the resources to create integrations with every CRM, so they draw a line that supports basic web form submissions.


The Bridge

The optimal solution uses integration software to transact data between the CMS and CRM. In order to provide powerful and actionable intelligence to the sales team, the integration needs significant functionality inside the CRM. This significantly improves the common approach of using the CMS to access the CRM API to sync data between the two systems. So what can be achieved with such an integration? FuseIT's Send2CRM connects any web CMS technology to Salesforce and has a suite of powerful sales tools to optimize the sales process.

  • On the website
    • Capture visitor behavior
    • Personalize website content
    • Push web form entries and visit behavior to Salesforce leads, contacts, etc.
  • In Salesforce
    • Track website visits, durations, pages visited, goals, etc
    • Generate invaluable sales intelligence
    • Automate lead qualification and prioritization
    • Highlight key visitor activities
    • Create campaign segments based on website behavior
    • Personalize website content from Salesforce
    • Direct visitors to website pages in real time during sales calls
  • For returning website visitors
    • Tag relevant content for returning visitors
    • Activate bi-directional website messaging
    • Get return visitor notifications

Send2CRM significantly empowers sales teams with the insights and tools to improve lead engagement and communication throughout the sales cycle. Send2CRM can collect and leverage intelligence from every website belonging to an organization from a single Salesforce application.


Until CMS vendors incorporate credible CMS functionality directly into their own platforms (like HubSpot), or create dedicated integrations inside each CRM, it will fall upon independent integrators, like FuseIT, to bridge the CRM to website chasm. Integrations, like Send2CRM, which are aligned to a single CRM, can support multiple CMS platforms across an entire organization, enabling customers to unify their intelligence sources and disparate web technologies in the blink of an eye.


FuseIT specializes in CRM integration. Our enterprise Send2CRMS4S, and CDP4S, connectors enable the real-time exchange of data from a wide range of website technologies to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Please contact us for more information or to see a demo of these in action.


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