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Overcoming the (Web) Data Silo Challenge: Strategies to Liberate Your Customer Data

In the era of data-driven decision-making, businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of having unified customer information – be it the intelligence associated with an individual or a holistic view of all customers. However, the persistent challenge of data silos can hinder this quest for a comprehensive understanding, particularly in the dynamic landscape of the web. This article explores strategies to effectively battle data silos and realize the full potential of your customer journey.


The Data Silo Dilemma

Data silos, especially in web environments, present a significant obstacle in the path of delivering seamless and personalized customer experiences. These isolated pockets of disconnected information, often residing in disparate platforms or departments, impede the ability to access and leverage comprehensive customer insights. In a customer-centric business landscape, overcoming this challenge is critical for businesses aiming to enhance the consistency and personalization of their customer journeys.

How to Break Down Silos

1. Centralize your Data

The most effective way to break down silos is to centralize data into a cloud-based system, data warehouse or data lake. This central data repository serves as a hub for efficient analysis, homogenizing, and consolidating information from various sources. Balancing business needs with privacy and security, this approach ensures a unified view of customer data.

2. Think Integration

If your data silos already exist, the problem becomes an integration challenge which can require a cultural shift within the organization. Clearly communicate the benefits of data sharing and integrity, emphasizing the need for change. Address the challenges associated with silos, including data quality issues, and underscore the importance of staying competitive in an interconnected business environment.

3. Control Access

Centralizing and integrating data provides an opportunity to establish a robust data governance framework. This framework allows for controlled self-service access, empowering business users to easily access the data they need. By minimizing delays and eliminating IT gatekeeping, organizations can foster a more agile and data-driven decision-making process.

4. Use of Tools

To connect data silos, invest in cutting-edge data integration tools. These tools streamline the process of accessing and analyzing data from different silos, making it effortless for users to gain insights. This integration not only facilitates a comprehensive view of customer information but also accelerates sales processes and enables personalized interactions.

Salesforce Integration

If your company uses Salesforce, almost all the data silo challenges disappear. Salesforce is already a cloud-based data store with enterprise level privacy protection, security, and self-service access. Further, Salesforce data can be shared using a huge number of tools, digital services, applications, and integrations.

For sales teams that utilizes Salesforce as their CRM system, Send2CRM (available on Salesforce AppExchange) becomes an ideal website integration tool. Send2CRM intelligently maps and integrates web form data and visitor behavior, connecting it to Salesforce records and fostering a unified and comprehensive view of customer information. 

Send2CRM emerges as more than just a connector; it is a strategic enabler for unlocking the full potential of web data within Salesforce.

The Path to Personalized Customer Journeys

Breaking down data silos is not just a technical challenge; it's a strategic initiative that directly impacts the customer journey. By implementing these strategies, organizations can gain a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior and preferences. This newfound clarity empowers businesses to personalize the customer journey effectively, ultimately leading to an enhanced overall customer experience.

Send2CRM makes it easy by enabling the personalization of individual website experiences. It achieves this by driving web content, chat, and messages from Salesforce while capturing the responses of returning web visitors. 

In Summary

The battle against data silos requires a multifaceted approach encompassing cultural change, technological integration, and strategic centralization. Embrace these strategies to free your customer data from the confines of silos, paving the way for a more personalized, connected, and impactful customer journey.


FuseIT specializes in CRM integrations and provides a range of CMS to CRM connectors. Our enterprise-level Send2CRM connector facilitates real-time data exchange from any website technology to Salesforce and is accessible on Salesforce AppExchange. Explore its functionality with a 30-day trial.

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