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OpenText Content Manager: To the Cloud and Beyond

Integration optimizes productivity so users don't need to constantly transition from one system to another. They remain contextually focused on one system that transparently delivers the data they need from the other.


OpenText Content Manager (CM), or TRIM, has been the rock of enterprise digital record management since the early days of electronic file storage and digital imaging. CM lets companies effectively manage and collaborate on content like documents, email, web content, images, and video. While CM has a cloud-based offering, the server-based version is still very strongly supported.

Cloudify Content Manager with Salesforce


Cloud-based systems like Salesforce CRM have many benefits and, for organizations already using CM, integration is a way to get the best of what the cloud offers while retaining the benefits of a server-based CM. Since customer data is kept in Salesforce, it makes sense that any associated CM documents are referenced from their Salesforce contact or lead record. This is the key reason FuseIT developed the S2T and T4S integrations which produce a number of operational efficiencies:

  • CM documents can be made available to a wider group via an Internet connection
  • Integration automates filing
    • Files are auto-inserted into CM from Salesforce
    • Less misfiling and files remain connected to their Salesforce record
    • Users are less tempted to file documents in local drive directories
  • Users can do general file management tasks in Salesforce
    • No need to exit Salesforce to add or retrieve CM files
    • Users can search CM from Salesforce (no wasting time searching for CM files that don't exist)
  • Cost efficiencies with fewer CM licenses required
    • Fewer CM users mean less training
  • Salesforce allows features to be added to enhance CM e.g. Salesforce Einstein for cognitive computing, or keyword extraction to ensure information is better categorized



Salesforce is the world's leading CRM for a reason. It makes life easier for its users with a simple interface, a range of easy-to-use tools, and automation features to lighten the workload. The opportunity to use these features for record management, while auto-associating customer documentation with their Salesforce record is a compelling advantage. For less critical documents, Salesforce has five in-built document structures (Files, Knowledge, Content, Attachments, and Documents). This makes an integrated Salesforce/CM a one-stop repository for most document types.


FuseIT offers a range of scalable, flexible, and affordable software integration solutions for enterprises and government agencies. FuseIT has strong partnerships with, OpenText, and Sitecore. If you would like to see T4S in action or need to learn how it could optimize the management of your records, please contact us for more information.


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