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How Sitecore Personalize Improves Salesforce Lead Processing


Website browsing intelligence helps sales teams interact with prospects more effectively. The visit count and durations, goals, pages visited, last visit date, and other "tells" all reveal the visitor's level of engagement, state of mind, budget, sales readiness, and more. This is valuable intelligence when preparing one-to-one communications, creating targeted multi-media campaigns, prioritizing lead responses, and determining when to follow up. With Salesforce and Sitecore Personalize (or Sitecore CDP), you have exactly the right technologies to get this intelligence in front of those who benefit from it the most.


Accessing Sitecore CDP separately to find the browsing behavior can be challenging and time-consuming. CDP4S offers the perfect solution! This Salesforce plugin sends browsing analytics directly to the corresponding Salesforce lead or contact record.

Exposing Web Intelligence in Salesforce 

The first step is capturing the details of a website visitor using a web form. It is a simple process to map the web form field values to a Sitecore Personalize customer record. The browsing behavior will be automatically streamed to Sitecore Personalize as visitors navigate the website. 

The next step is getting the browsing intelligence in front of the Salesforce team. CDP4S is a Salesforce integration that makes this easy! CDP4S extracts and organizes the browsing intelligence in Sitecore Personalize and makes it available in the corresponding Salesforce lead or contact record. With this up-to-the-minute information at their fingertips, Salesforce sales reps (or support agents) can: 

  • Organize their lead response sequences based on the levels of interest
  • Get a better understanding of the prospect's state of mind, budget, and sales readiness
  • Discover how they arrived on the website and what device they used  
  • During sales calls, direct a prospect to relevant web pages e.g. online calendars, maps, downloads, hidden pages, competitors' websites, etc.
  • Be notified if a prospect revisits the website - a good time to follow up 
  • Personalize the web experience of each visitor directly from their Salesforce record. Creating different content variations recognizes the nuances of the visitor and reflects the changing relationship. As the visitor becomes more known to the sales team, targeted web content may be offered such as specific product information, welcome pop-up messages, revealing a seller's contact information, price adjustments, etc.
  • Segment leads and contacts based on web behavior e.g. create a campaign with visitors who triggered a website goal or visited a key page. CDP4S can auto-add members to any campaign

CDP4S provides exceptional value to Salesforce users by surfacing qualitative intelligence about individual leads and contacts. It also produces quantitative data to help marketers understand the website's overall traffic patterns so they can focus their efforts to get more conversions.


CDP4S is designed to ensure the powerful intelligence collected by Sitecore is available to the marketing and sales teams. Coupling the power of Sitecore Personalize with Salesforce, the world's leading CRM provides best-of-breed access to key prospect data and lets it be used to further increase prospect engagement, ultimately leading to improved processes and more sales.


FuseIT specializes in CRM integration. Our enterprise Send2CRMS4S, and CDP4S, connectors enable the real-time exchange of data from website technologies to Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Please contact us for more information or to see a demo of these in action.


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