Sitecore CMS enables companies to deliver compelling experiences to website visitors. Companies can present web content in many ways and not be locked into a single page structure. Content can be re-used and even presented uniquely to different types of visitors. Content is easily created and edited without duplication and maintenance hassles.

Why Sitecore?

Sitecore optimizes the day-to-day activities of a marketing team – how marketers with different responsibilities, knowledge, and skills can work together to manage a website. By delivering solutions for four typical roles – the casual contributor, the product marketing manager, the web campaign manager, and the experience designer – Sitecore defines, structures, and simplifies the range of tasks required to keep content current and engaging. As a result, each marketer can manage much more of the interactive experience on his or her own, lowering the financial costs and time delays associated with depending on multiple external specialists. This is true for every key role in the marketing team, as Sitecore’s flexible role assignment matches the functionality to the role, delivering far more productive results with savings in time and money.

Maintaining Compelling Content

What then are the benefits of Sitecore? It’s important to focus on how an effective customer engagement platform can transform the quality of interactive marketing. Sitecore reinforces how a marketing team can work together to maintain and update one or more websites. With Sitecore in place, a marketing team can easily launch a new initiative or try out innovative approaches for communicating with customers. Team members directly control not only the content but also the flow, appearance, and quality of the interactions.

Enhanced Marketing with Measurable Results

When an organization adopts Sitecore, it acquires more than an extensible platform for powering an engaging web of online resources. An organization also makes an investment in a flexible collaborative production environment, where marketers within a team can easily create, edit, review, and produce content for interactive experiences. Marketers can focus on the practice of marketing. With Sitecore, they can apply their insights and expertise in an unfiltered manner and do not need to depend on outside specialists to modify the experience. Thus marketers can continuously optimize the flow of content for better results and more valuable outcomes. They can orchestrate the interactions with target segments and audiences, highlight the essential information. In short, marketers enhance the overall appeal of a website through continuous improvement. The end result is a cost-effective web presence, one that is easily maintained without external resources, and where ongoing enhancements are inexpensive to make. With Sitecore as the customer engagement platform, there’s an economical solution to producing content for a compelling web presence, one where the business results are measurable and fall right to the bottom line.

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