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Customer relationship management (CRM) is software that helps manage a company’s interaction with its customers and prospective customers. A CRM system stores the relationship history and provides a set of sales tools to help acquire and retain customers in order to drive sales growth. Salesforce is a leader in the CRM space and is widely adopted by enterprises around the globe.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce (or SFDC) is an on-demand tool that lets you collaborate on the go and get instant access to your customer records (or accounts, opportunities, cases, etc.). Salesforce is a hosted CRM — also known as online CRM or web-based CRM — and is offered as a subscription. You pay to use this software as a service (SaaS) and access your CRM applications online, making it cost-effective, easy to use, and quick to deploy.

As a worldwide leader in cloud services, more companies trust their vital customer and sales data to Salesforce than to any other CRM company. Salesforce was founded in 1999 by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff who pioneered the concept of delivering enterprise applications via a simple website.

We often hear, "yes, but what is Salesforce?" To answer, we use a diagram to show how Salesforce helps businesses effectively communicate with new and existing clients. We track a typical path through Salesforce after a prospective customer has shown an interest in your product or service.

  1. The prospect fills out an inquiry form on your website or calls your office requesting more details about your product or service. 
  2. A new lead record is created in Salesforce.
  3. Leads can be filtered into lists and bulk emailed.
  4. When more is known about a lead (qualified), the record can be converted to a contact and associated with an account.
  5. Contacts can be filtered into lists and bulk emailed.
  6. Accounts have opportunities that typically relate to the sales process of a product (or service). Opportunities can have quotes and products.
  7. Products have individual assets. If an asset has an issue, it can have one or more cases registered against it.

If you are thinking that your process is different, Salesforce has this covered with the ability to create custom objects specific to your business. Relationships can be created with other customer objects or existing standard entities. Salesforce is highly configurable. 

Salesforce has highly configurable reporting across data entered into the system. Report results can be displayed visually in a dashboard using a range of informative charts and tables.

Please click on the following links to find out more about Salesforce:

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Why Salesforce?

Compared to other CRM tools the benefits of Salesforce are:

Unparalleled time to value: Salesforce reduces the implementation risk by eliminating up-front capital investment making the path to CRM success exceptionally short.

Less expensive initially: A multi-tenant, on-demand solution has no hardware to purchase, scale, and maintain, no operating systems, database servers, or application servers to install, no consultants and staff to manage, and no need for periodic upgrades.

Easy upgrades: Customers of on-demand applications benefit from instant deployment of new versions, which means the entire customer base always has the latest version. Since customizations and integrations are maintained through upgrades, change management discussions can focus on taking immediate advantage of the new features and innovations available with each release.

Better service delivery: Due to the tremendous economies of scale Salesforce can provide higher service levels than the vast majority of companies can achieve on their own. Salesforce uses the best technologies, policies, and procedures to ensure security at the facilities, application, and network-level; to ensure maximum uptime and continuous availability, and to provide an impressive performance record.

Better scalability: Successful businesses are continually changing and growing: Employee growth, transaction growth, the launching of new products and services, mergers and acquisitions, or any number of business events can dramatically and suddenly alter business needs.

Easier to customize: Users of on-premise solutions have to wait weeks for even minor modifications, and in some cases, their requests are never met at all. Salesforce was designed to allow basic customizations to the user interface and data objects in minutes, without programming. Without the burden of fulfilling constant requests for minor customizations, the IT team can concentrate on more advanced customizations, such as associating specific behavior with objects that can be triggered by a wide range of system events.

Users are more satisfied and productive: A major reason on-premise deployments often fail is because of low user adoption — data that’s cluttered or difficult to get to quickly results in user resistance. An award-winning, easy-to-use interface has the highest user adoption rates in the industry.

Easier for administrators: Administrators can tailor processes and define how data is viewed for different departments and workgroups while ensuring users can access data for which they are authorized.

Nurturing true value and innovation: The on-demand model frees developers to focus on developing solutions that deliver real business value. Salesforce supports developers with a host of on-demand development tools. The community has grown rapidly, resulting in thousands of innovative solutions available to customers via the AppExchange, the popular marketplace for pre-integrated, on-demand applications.


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Their are several ways to try out Salesforce so please call and let us walk you through the options. 

We are passionate about Salesforce and seeing the positive impact it brings to the profitability of businesses that use it. We consider it a privilege to collaborate with customers, learn about their systems, and apply our knowledge to streamline their business processes.



Our enterprise experience  gives us a comprehensive understanding of the sales and marketing space and made us the trusted partner to many customers including several Fortune 500 companies.  Use this global experience and technical expertise to improve your sales and marketing solutions.

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