Salesforce® Consulting

FuseIT provides consultancy, implementation, development, administration and integration services personalized to customer needs. If you are looking to implement Salesforce® or to customize an existing solution, partner with FuseIT to improve your productivity and profitability. 

Our global experience with enterprise level projects is a huge advantage. We answer the questions other partners ask (for example, see our highly ranked Salesforce MVP, Daniel Ballinger, answering questions on the Salesforce Stack Exchange). 


Salesforce® Consulting

Our expert team has unequaled experience gained by international enterprise consulting over many years. In every project, we have learned to listen first.

Before we can help, we work with you to learn your business first. That way any solution is tailored to your needs and not driven by technology. We may propose the use of Salesforce®, or not - we never drive a square peg into a round hole.

Salesforce® Implementation

When adopting Salesforce® you need to consider how to use the platform's native features to achieve your requirements. FuseIT works with you to match your business objects to those in Salesforce® to ensure optimum performance and usability.

The careful use of native Salesforce® objects and fields maximizes the use of Salesforce® while reducing costs and the need to develop custom functionality.

Salesforce® Development

Development is all about experience and our team has that in truckloads. Every developer is highly skilled in both Salesforce and Microsoft and many have certifications in both spaces. We have a resident Salesforce MVP.

FuseIT developers have access to a huge library of functionality and can leverage that to deliver a more cost-effective solution.

Salesforce® Administration

Salesforce® administrators are involved during and after the implementation of Salesforce® where they help configure the system, create reports and dashboards, provide user training, and deliver essential customer support once Salesforce becomes operational.

You can use your own administrator or one from FuseIT, or both. Because they control the use of Salesforce®, they should have the following skills:

  • Salesforce certified.
  • Skilled at using the tools that Salesforce® provides out-of-the-box, and there are many of them.
  • Understand your business processes.
  • Be able to build relationships with your management team and others.
  • Have a passion for Salesforce® and the skills to understand the impact of any changes they make.
  • Have the project management skills required to coordinate and direct technical teams to implement change.

Salesforce® Data Migration

Data migration is about moving existing information to Salesforce® (or vice versa). Businesses should use data migration to clean up their data. To be of most use, data should have all the following characteristics:

  • Complete - contains all the necessary detail.
  • Relevant - contains the information you need.
  • Accurate - contains accurate detail.
  • Timely - be available when you need it.
  • Accessible - be available where you need it.
  • Valid - have correctly formatted record fields.
  • Understandable - contains readable data.
  • Reliable - data is from an approved source.
  • Unique - does not have record duplicates.
  • Objective - contains data not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudices.

To meet these standards, data is usually best kept in one place where it is easier to update, validate and back up. It makes sense to use Salesforce® so data migration is often required.

Salesforce® Integration

Integration is the exchange of Salesforce® data with other applications like your accounting program, inventory system, website, or other sources. Integration makes sense because your application data can be surfaced in Salesforce® and potentially accessible to a wider audience of company users. Alternatively, you can expose Salesforce data to other local or cloud-based systems. 

Automation services are often used to regularly move data to or from Salesforce®. This is usually by a timed event but can be done manually or detecting a change to an internal object (typically a trigger).

Integrating Salesforce® is core to FuseIT and was how our global reputation was established. Our experience in this space has been gained by developing integration products that connect Salesforce® to a range of other enterprise systems. These connectors are used by many Fortune 500 companies and carry significant volumes of traffic proving their robust construction and reliability every day they are used.

Registered Partner


We are passionate about Salesforce® and seeing the positive impact it brings to the profitability of businesses that use it. We consider it a privilege to collaborate with customers, learn about their systems, and apply our knowledge to streamline their business processes.

Our history of enterprise experience has given us an understanding of the sales and marketing space and made us a trusted partner to our customers including several Fortune 500 companies.


Use our global experience and technical expertise to improve your sales and marketing solutions.

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