Sitecore® Sales & Support Web Interaction Platform


You can't beat a phone call when interacting with customers particularly if the discussion is complex. Having a successful sales call is even more challenging if high-value products are involved. The Teracti platform provides powerful tools to augment these sales and support conversations.



Teracti is a Sitecore® application that lets sales and support teams use web analytics to better interact with visitors in real-time. Understanding a visitor's web behavior helps teams construct highly effective sales and support calls. 

During sales and support conversations, Teracti empowers teams to drive live web content to the prospect and personalize Sitecore to increase engagement. This lets teams work faster and generate more upsell revenue, while customers have increased satisfaction.

Teracti combines proven sales and marketing techniques to increase profitability:

  • Leverage web analytics as a rich source of prospect intelligence
  • Use the website to augment live sales conversations
  • Monitor website activity to identify renewed interest
  • Create website messages to remind visitors of recent conversations 
  • Fine-tune website personalization to improve engagement


The Value

Teracti rewards teams with ground-breaking features:

  • Show web form submissions with the associated visitor Sitecore analytics
  • Advanced sales call support with live session page control and document exchange
    • Show product pages, hidden pages or pages from other sites 
    • Enable instant downloads of specifications, warranties, and legal documents
    • Initiate online meetings, desktop sharing, and video conferencing sessions
    • Show calendars to discuss possible appointment times
    • Show personalized maps of routes and parking information
  • Create web presentations in real time
  • Monitor web activity and soft intervene with friendly popups
  • For returning visitors
    • Override web personalization
    • Set landing pages
    • Set reminders
    • Alert sales operators 




Teracti empowers sales and support teams with web interaction capabilities that dramatically improve voice calls with real-time visuals. For example, teams can energize voice calls by driving the website like a PowerPoint presentation, or exchange contract documents so complex deals can be concluded during the call and without email involvement.

Simply put, Teracti lets sales reps or support staff create contextually-aware conversations that greatly improve conversion rates. If you want to learn more about Teracti please contact us for more information.


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