Sitecore Salesforce integration adds real business value by increasing product sales, reducing processing time, and improving data integrity and system design.

FuseIT Service

S4S is a Sitecore Salesforce connector with features that optimize for three distinctive groups:

Marketers in Sitecore

  • Map Sitecore web forms to Salesforce leads and contacts
  • Push Sitecore analytics to Salesforce to help the sales team
  • Allow Sitecore content to be personalized from Salesforce
  • Let customers, partners, or staff login to Sitecore portal pages using credentials stored in their Salesforce record
  • Use Salesforce campaign members in Sitecore email-outs
  • Show content from Salesforce fields in Sitecore pages
  • Transact any data, in either direction, in real time

Salespeople in Salesforce

  • Qualify Salesforce leads based on their Sitecore analytics
  • Understand the interests of each prospect by looking at their Sitecore browsing behavior
  • Make sales calls armed with far more information
  • Augment sales conversations by adjusting the visitors Salesforce record to show targeted content on the website 

Business Stakeholders

  • Boost sales by providing more sales intelligence
  • Create a better data architecture using Salesforce as a single source of truth
  • Mitigate risk by using a proven enterprise integration
  • Access future upgrades and be part of FuseIT's dynamic innovation process

We've constructed S4S to accommodate a wide range of requirements and seen many real benefits that it brings to businessesUse the Contact Us Now form to book a demo and see how S4S can be configured or extended to benefit your needs.

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