Sitecore for Salesforce Marketing Cloud (S4MC)

S4S includes features to create or update Salesforce Marketing Cloud subscribers from Sitecore Web Forms. S4MC lets marketers map existing Sitecore forms so they can push form data directly to Marketing Cloud subscribers.


About S4MC

S4MC is included with S4S and has the following features.

  • Create or update Marketing Cloud subscribers based on configurable field matching
  • Map Sitecore form fields to Data Extensions
  • Add Marketing Cloud subscribers to one or more Subscriber Lists
  • Map to one or more Marketing Cloud instances
  • Built as a Sitecore Launch Pad application
  • Functionality is independent to S4S and Salesforce
  • Works with Sitecore 8.2 and above 

 Creating Marketing Cloud Subscribers from Sitecore

Sitecore for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector (S4MC) (6:20 min)

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