Sitecore Salesforce integration makes business sense. Which product will you choose? Currently, there are two choices, S4S from FuseIT and Sitecore Connect™ for Salesforce CRM from Sitecore. Let's look at how they are different starting with S4S.


Sitecore for Salesforce Connector (S4S)

Out of the box features:

S4S Features


Personalize Sitecore from Salesforce

• Change lead and contact values in Salesforce

• Personalize Sitecore based on those values

• Highly engagement individual visitors

• In real time


S4S Security Connector


Import Salesforce Lists to Sitecore

• Create Sitecore lists for EXM email campaigns

• Pull Salesforce campaign and report members to Sitecore

• Push email analytics to Salesforce with S4S EXM module


S4S Push data to Salesforce


Push data to Salesforce in real time

• Create/update any Salesforce record

• Show content from Salesforce fields in Sitecore pages


Map Sitecore web forms to Salesforce

• Map forms to Salesforce leads, contacts etc.

• Push Sitecore behavior to Salesforce

• Energize the sales team with great intelligence

• In real time



S4S Features



Quickly create a Sitecore portal

• Expose privileged content to selected visitors 

• Like customers, partners, students or staff

• Credentials stored in their Salesforce record


S4S EXM Support



Push data to Salesforce in real time

• Create/update any Salesforce record e.g.

• Profile and subscription preferences  

• Sitecore click events like buttons or offers 

• Page events like mouse clicks and scroll downs


S4S pull data from Salesforce
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