Sitecore for Salesforce® List Builder

S4S includes a list builder wizard (S4SLB) that lets Sitecore marketers select and import Salesforce campaigns and reports to create Sitecore contact lists for use with Sitecore Email Experience Manager (EXM).

About Sitecore for Salesforce List Builder

S4SLB is included with S4S and creates xDB contact lists that can be used by Sitecore EXM to send bulk personalized emails to Salesforce leads and contacts.

  • Built as a Sitecore Launchpad application
    • Multiple Salesforce campaigns can be selected to compile a larger marketing list or;
    • A single Salesforce report can be used to import leads and contacts filtered in real time
  • Give the new contact list a name in Sitecore and start importing members from Salesforce
  • Members are added to xDB via the List Manager API
  • Salesforce information is attached to each contact list member so they can be referenced back to Salesforce
  • Functionality uses S4S to transact data with Salesforce
  • Tested with Sitecore 8.1 and 8.2

After creating the new Sitecore contact list in xDB, you have the option to use the Sitecore List Manager to remove duplicates, filter members and create segmentations. For lists that originate from Salesforce campaigns, S4SLB adds the following Salesforce information to each Sitecore contact:

  • Salesforce Lead or Contact Id (id field)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
  • Salesforce Organisation Id
  • Salesforce Campaign Member Id (this Id is not available if the origin was a Salesforce report)

After dispatching the emails with Sitecore Email Experience Manager, the recipient behavior will be recorded in xDB for analysis in Sitecore. To push this information to the matching individual in Salesforce will require the optional S4S EXM module

Surfacing Salesforce Campaigns in Sitecore

Create a Recipient List in Sitecore from Salesforce (5:52 min)

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