Getting Started

If you want to install S4S please check the minimum requirements first.


S4S Basic Minimum Requirements


  • A Salesforce® instance able to install packages and use the Partner API (typically Enterprise, Unlimited or Performance Editions)
  • For Developer and Sandbox Editions S4S will work for ten years without licensing (and 30 days against a Salesforce® production edition)
  • For the Professional Edition (which does not have sandboxes or Partner API access out-of-the-box), S4S will work for 30 days in production. Professional Edition does not support APEX classes and triggers for native username and password automation


  • S4S supports all the latest releases of Sitecore. It has been tested on all Sitecore versions since 6.0.2 Rev. 090507 (Recommended minimum)
  • For versions that can use the Sitecore Web Forms for Marketers module, it is not required but WFFM related functionality will not work without it
  • Access to the websites configuration files is required during installation
  • Note: FuseIT offers free installation assistance to Sitecore partners and prospective customers

S4S EXM Minimum Requirements

Unlike S4S, this optional module does not support all versions of Sitecore. Please contact us for more details.

Licensing Options

FuseIT provides a range of licensing options to best match your needs. Please navigate through the flowchart to determine the license you require. We offer both perpetual and subscription payment models.

Get the Latest Evaluation

Contact us and tell us your Sitecore version. We will provide a download link to a full version of S4S that works against your Salesforce® Sandbox or Developer Edition.

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