Sitecore for Salesforce Feedback

S4S never fails to impress when demoed by our team so be sure to book a demo today. We also get great feedback from our free installation sessions and responses to support tickets. Here are some recent examples.


"Thank you guys for working on this…. excellent customer service as usual"

- Ametek


"Thanks’ again for your continuous support"

- Allianz Global Investors


"It was only a mapping problem, now it works fine! Thanks a lot for your support!"

- GM Servizi


"We want to create a new lead record even if it already exists"

- Customer request for S4S mapping wizard


"Thanks a bunch for the quick turnaround"

- AlphaFMC


"Thank you to everyone for your hard work on this project"

- Liontrust


"I confirm that all information is correct. Please close ticket"

- Tuhono


 "I found this tool very useful. Thank you for all your efforts put in development"

- Kimble Applications


"Suddenly it just works!  Thanks for the support.  Have a great weekend!"

- Dentsply

"Done! Ticket closed. Much appreciated"

- Education NSW


"Wonderful, thank you for providing all of these details!"

- United Health Group


"Thanks for the information. This is good to understand. We’ll keep you in the loop and will appreciate the offer of support"

- Open Universities Australia


"The form now submits with no errors and the Sitecore Visitor ID is populated in Salesforce so I think we are good.  Thanks for troubleshooting yesterday"

- Availity


"Thanks for testing those scenarios between Sitecore 9.1.0, 9.1.1, and 9.2."

- GrowthOps


"Team - fantastic news. We determined this to be an issue with a proxy server that no longer exists. Getting the S4S status page up and the resulting verbose error output helped us figure it out. Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I really do appreciate it"

- McCombs School of Business


"Thank you for helping. Really appreciate you and your team for being so awesome and making sure we were in a good position as soon as possible"

- Horizontal Integration


"Thank you for the diligence on getting this one knocked out today. We all really appreciate you helping out"

- American Eagle

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