S4S and Sitecore 9.x

A milestone for Sitecore, this major release introduced a number of features and FuseIT matched those with significant changes to S4S.

Sitecore Web Forms

Sitecore web forms can be used to create or update the records of any Salesforce object. S4S achieves this with Save Actions and a wizard to map the form to Salesforce without requiring a developer. The Sitecore 9 release of the S4S Mapping Wizard introduced several new features which allow users to : 

  • Choose a Salesforce instance the web form should be mapped to. The user selects the required connection string.
  • Choose the "Assigned To" person if the mapping is to a Salesforce lead or contact.
  • Unmap a mapping field without requiring the user to edit the Sitecore item tree.
  • Select multiple keys to ensure that updates occur in Salesforce when the parameters match, rather than creating duplicate records.
  • Choose to always create a new Salesforce record rather than update an existing one. 

S4S forms now have only one Save Action, and the behavior of the action is determined by the settings made in the S4S Mapping Wizard. As with previous versions of S4S, custom Save Actions can be created

Expert Help - Advanced Support

The number of integration and architecture options have rapidly increased over the last few years. This is particularly true in the Sitecore and Salesforce space where the systems have very different technologies and schemas. Another interesting observation is how varied requirements are from company to company - we rarely see two alike! 

With this increased complexity in mind, FuseIT offers advanced help and support options to companies and partners using or considering an integration. Team members are expert in both Sitecore and Salesforce so we can:

  • Identify integration options based on needs, performance and budget
  • Help companies struggling with an existing integration
  • Assist companies installing S4S or one of its ancillaries
  • Help with advanced needs like authentication models
  • Provide Salesforce development service in this space.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support

To support Sitecore web forms we introduced a Save Action and Mapping wizard that lets users map Sitecore web forms to Salesforce Marketing Cloud (previously ExactTarget or ET). The mapping wizard can target different instances of Marketing Cloud, one or more subscriber lists, and has full support for data extensions. 

The wizard allows multiple keys to be selected to ensure that updates occur in Marketing Cloud when the parameters match, rather than creating duplicate subscribers.

The Marketing Cloud Save Action uses the Identify method to help Sitecore recognize a visitor returning to the website from another device. 

Sitecore EXM Support

S4S List Builder pulls report and campaign members from Salesforce and adds them to a Sitecore contact list. Once the list has been created, it can then be selected in a Sitecore email campaign and emails dispatched to the recipients.

The S4S List Builder was extended to allow the selection of one of many Salesforce instances. A growing number of companies have more that one Salesforce Org they need to communicate with.

The S4S List Builder adds Salesforce lead and contact field data to Sitecore contact facets in xDB. This allows Sitecore users to better filter lists that originate from Salesforce.

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