Sitecore jQuery Content Slider

The FuseIT Sitecore jQuery Content Slider was built internally as part of our website re-design. We needed a cross browser compatible content slider to showcase our best work on the homepage and were so pleased with the results we decided to release it as a free download.

The slider is configured in the Sitecore content tree and allows for the following options: 

  1. Slider width and height.
  2. The colour of the text headings on each slide.
  3. The colour of the hyperlink on each slide.
  4. The text box foreground and background colours.
  5. The navigation foreground, background and border colours.

It is also possible to configure some properties on each individual slide:

  1. Title text.
  2. Main text - HTML can be added here.
  3. Background image from the Sitecore Media Library.
  4. Hyperlink to content.
  5. Text box left margin, width and text alignment.

The content slider can be downloaded as a Sitecore Package that can be installed in the Desktop admin. You can get the download package here.

Get Started


  1. Login to Sitecore with the Desktop option selected.
  2. Click Sitecore >> Development Tools >> Installation Wizard.
  3. Upload the FuseITContentSlider Zip file >> Browse and select the zip file.
  4. Step through the installation.
  5. Restart the Sitecore client.
  6. The FuseIT Content Slider is now ready to be used.

Add the slider to a page:

  1. Select the page you wish to insert the slider into
  2. Click Presentation >> Details >> Edit (on the layout) >> Controls >> Add
  3. Navigate to Sublayouts >> FuseITContentSlider >> FuseITContentSlider
  4. In Add to Placeholder enter a valid placeholder name then click select

Be sure to add the control to an appropriate placeholder otherwise it will not display.



To customize the slider items text, images etc. click on the item in the content tree you wish to customize.

Adding items to the slider:

  1. Navigate to Content >> FuseIT Content Slider >> SliderItems
  2. Click Slider Item.


For advanced editing users can edit the code-behind file and ascx control in the physical file directory.

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