From Any Website to Salesforce 

Send2CRM connects any website to Salesforce to increase engagement throughout the customer journey. Improve your website visitor engagement, generate more leads for your Salesforce team, and provide them with insights into the behavior of each visitor on the site. 

Unlocking business success is more than just collecting data - it's about effectively sharing it with all those who need it. Your website has vital lead intelligence trapped in your visitors' browsers. This is not getting to your sales team! Leveraging rich visit intelligence will transform how you engage your customers - driving success to the entire business. This is what we do!  

Send2CRM collects website form data and visitor behavior and makes it available in Salesforce. Sales and support agents use this intelligence to better understand each visitor. This greatly improves interactions and enables targeted messaging. As conversations advance, agents can further improve engagement by driving website personalization from the visitor's Salesforce record. Send2CRM provides benefits for everyone.


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  • Capture form data and map to Salesforce leads
  • Identify, qualify and prioritize leads
  • Better customer insights
  • Real time personalized web experiences
  • Tailored automated email campaigns

Turning anonymous website visitors into real people in Salesforce


Increase engagement throughout the customer journey


Collect visitor behavior

Send2CRM turns anonymous website visitors into known customers in Salesforce. First, map any web form to Salesforce. Send2CRM lets you create (or update) leads, contacts, cases, or any other type of record. When a visitor submits a web form, Send2CRM pushes form field values to Salesforce and makes the visitor's web behavior available to Salesforce agents revealing insights into their state of mind and purchasing readiness.

Know your prospects

With the browsing behavior of each website visitor in their Salesforce record, agents have much more information than what was submitted in the web form e.g. pages visited, number of visits, visit durations, time/date of the last visit, visitor location, and more. These powerful insights generate sales confidence, enable more targeting options, and optimize sales conversations.

Improve sales/support conversations

While on live calls, agents can present web pages relevant to the conversation. Typically this is to show a product, FAQ, route map, appointment calendar, download link, or some other web page. The agent drives these personalizations directly from the prospect's Salesforce record. Live content delivery is a great way to impress customers and enhance a sales or support conversation.

Better customer engagement 

Deliver targeted web content directly to a visitor's browser in two ways, (1) based on their visit behavior so far, or (2) driven by an agent making changes to their Salesforce record. The latter is ideal for tailoring web content that reflects the visitor's stage in the sales cycle. Agents can even pop up personal messages in a visitor's browser.

Close sales faster 

Returning visitors indicate renewed interest and this warrants a follow-up. Agents set a flag on the visitor's Salesforce record to notify them when a visitor return to the website. Send2CRM enables contracts to be exchanged on the website. Visitors can download contracts via a custom website link, and upload signed contracts from a web form, all controlled by the visitor's Salesforce record.

Maintain high customer experience 

Send2CRM continuously updates Salesforce records with the website behavior of customers who revisit the site. Using the updated visit behavior, personalized content is displayed to facilitate upselling, cross-selling and engagement. Additionally, agents can link related support forms to Salesforce, enhancing the customer service experience. 


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