Your staff will love managing documents from within the customer relationship management system, instead of the document system.  

Our two best-in-class software products sync Salesforce cloud-based CRM and Micro Focus Content Manager for real-time integration and automation.  


Why Integrate with Salesforce CRM?

If your company uses both Salesforce cloud CRM software and Micro Focus Content Manager, connecting the two systems will allow you to:

  • Give your staff access to relevant documents when they need them, without swapping systems e.g. when working on a Salesforce case.
  • Automate important workflows e.g. automatically save email attachments in CRM cases to Content Manager.
  • Stop staff from saving documents locally when they should be saved to the EDRMS - make it simple so they do the right thing.
  • Make Content Manager documents available to a wider group of users: all appropriate CRM users can access documents.
  • Comply with data residency and privacy regulations.
  • Save important cloud-based documents to a local repository for backup or disaster recovery purposes.

System solutions that integrate well are grant management, tender application and other online document submission systems where large numbers of documents are required to be accessible in Salesforce.

A typical scenario is where Web-to-Lead or Web-to-Case forms need to submit information to the CRM along with important support or proof documents. These documents often need to reside in Content Manager for legal or regulatory reasons, convenience, or workflow processing purposes. FuseIT integrations make it easy to manually or automatically insert documents into Micro Focus Content Manager from Salesforce CRM, making them subject to rigorous record management controls like security constraints, version control and, workflow.

Read how integration allows your staff to work on documents within Salesforce without interruption.


T4S Micro Focus Content Manager integration for Salesforce 

T4S lets Salesforce operators work with Micro Focus Content Manager. T4S is bi-directional and able to work with larger document sizes because of the way it is designed. It has a number of additional features, like the ability to snapshot important records in the CRM and push them to Content Manager as PDF documents.

T4S has out-of-cloud storage that provides flexibility around Salesforce backup and bulk access.

S2T Micro Focus Content Manager integration for Salesforce

S2T is a native Salesforce application that lets operators push attachments and chatter documents to one or more Micro Focus Content Manager instances. Typically documents are synchronized when the document is attached - and can be moved or copied to Content Manager. The Content Manager information is viewable in Salesforce CRM via web links. S2T essentially makes Content Manager disappear to most users.

S2T is listed on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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Integration vs. Integration

Compare the feature sets and differences between T4S and 2TS. Included for reference is our SooT integration between the Sitecore content management system and Micro focus Content Manager.

  S2T T4S SooT
Software can pass high document volumes  
Software can pass documents over 6MB  
Software moves documents to CM
Direct links to CM documents in Salesforce
Software moves documents to Salesforce    
Software moves documents to Sitecore    
Onshoring is real time by button click
Onshoring can be synchronized by scheduled event (for bulk delivery)  
Documents reside in both CM and Salesforce  
Documents can be configured to reside only in CM    
Documents reside in both CM and Sitecore    
CM record by Record Number, URI, Title, etc  
Clocation container search
Create, update or delete Cdocument from Salesforce  
Create, update or delete Cdocument from Sitecore    
Upload documents from Salesforce to mapped containers in C
Autocreate record per Salesforce sObject    
Autocreate container per Salesforce sObject    
Save Salesforce records to Cas PDF documents  
Save completed Sitecore forms to Cas PDF documents    
Save Salesforce emails to Cas text files.    
Show documents in selected Ccontainers in Salesforce    
Show documents in selected Ccontainers in Sitecore    
View all documents in a container from a predefined search  
Save Salesforce data exports to Cor a local server    
Control access with Salesforce roles and Cpermissions  
Controls access with Sitecore roles and Cpermissions    
Save and view records using your personal Ccredentials  
Two way SSL connection between Salesforce and C  
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