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Send2CRM can start gathering website visitor intelligence right now! If you purchase Send2CRM in the future, the accumulated intelligence becomes available in Salesforce as each visitor arrives on the website. Furthermore, organizations can start leveraging the captured intelligence to personalize page content - driving engagement and lead generation.


In just five minutes, your organization can begin capturing web intelligence, and when you are ready, make a decision on which Send2CRM tier works best for you. Because you may not want it all, we offer four additional tiers to choose from.

Pricing Tiers

  • Essentials Package
    • Base package required by all users
    • Sends web form data to Salesforce
    • Enables website personalization
  • Professional Package
    • Extends the Essentials package 
      • Professional: Sends sales intelligence to Salesforce and tracks returning visitors
      • Advanced: Controls websites from Salesforce and messages returning visitors
      • Enterprise: Supports high-volume websites and captures performance data

These options allow you to purchase what you need.

Send2CRM Benefits   Essentials    Professional  Advanced  Enterprise
Save web form entries to Salesforce leads, contacts, etc.
Capture website visit intelligence
Enable website personalization based on the visit intelligence
Map multiple websites (with different web technologies) to Salesforce
Retain visit intelligence when moving to a new website technology
Save website visit intelligence in Salesforce
In Salesforce, create visitor segments based on the visit intelligence
Capture email clickthroughs and track the website visit behavior in Salesforce
Get returning visitor notifications
Automate the personalization of any website from Salesforce e.g. based on lead status
Drive live personalization during sales calls e.g. populate website links from Salesforce
Land returning visitors on relevant website pages
Leave personal messages on the website for returning visitors and get notified when they are seen
Populate website pages with Salesforce data e.g. a visitor's email subscription preferences
For large websites e.g. >50,000 visitors a day
Customers host a web service that transacts with their websites and Salesforce
Includes customer engagement platform that reports on website(s) performance
Automate out-of-cloud backups of Salesforce Data Exports
Enable integration with third-party authentication providers
Federate website intelligence to other systems
Maximum Salesforce instances 1 2 10 Unlimited
Salesforce users (form editors) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum websites 5 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Starting cost per month (1 Salesforce instance with 1 website) $1560 $2028  $7572 Call
Email support (add 20%)
Voice support (add 30%)
365/24/7 support (add 40%)


Quote Request


If known, please tell us the number of (1) Salesforce instances, (2) websites, and other requirements you may have.

Website integration with dual-mode personalization

The ultimate way to support your sales team.

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