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FuseIT SFDC Explorer

We built the FuseIT SFDC Explorer for internal use while developing our S4S and G4S connectors and found it so useful we made it a free download. You can also click on the download link to access an online tool for generating Apex from your own WSDLs.

For customers using our connector tools, we recommend using the Explorer as an easy way to verify their Salesforce® access and understand the underlying object model and processes. There is also a T4 template code generation tool that creates strongly typed C#.NET classes (with associated service and data source classes) from custom and standard Salesforce® objects.

Get the FuseIT SFDC Explorer


FuseIT Sitecore Content and Image Slider

The FuseIT Sitecore jQuery Content Slider was built internally as part of our website re-design. We needed a cross browser compatible content slider to showcase our best work on the homepage and were so pleased with the results we decided to release it as a free download.

Get the Sitecore Content and Image Slider

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