Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide technology solutions that better connect our client’s businesses to their markets. One focus is supporting clients in the creation and delivery of real business value through Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) technologies.

What real business value does FuseIT create? By applying on-demand technology we can deliver value when business objectives and requirements direct the process. We can advise our clients on the most suitable platforms and tools to support their needs. Our engagements begin with understanding our client’s businesses and processes. Examples of business value FuseIT helps its clients to create and deliver are:

  • Better interaction online with customers
  • Getting customers participating in product development
  • Effectively personalizing marketing and sales communication
  • Better targeting of new customers in existing markets
  • Significantly reducing development time of websites
  • Improving management of websites and Intranets including work flows
  • Operational efficiency with high levels of performance and reliability

FuseIT has a set of values and unique characteristics:

Retain staff and build experience 
Our 25+ years of designing software and support solutions means we have a lot of experience. Retaining our highly skilled team is key to our business.

Foster open communications
To maximize the effectiveness of our work, information has to be readily available and actively shared between the members of our team and other stakeholders.

Shared vision
A shared vision helps clarify goals and bring conflicts and mistaken assumptions to light so they can be resolved quickly.

Clear accountability and shared responsibility
Our internal processes demand that team members establish well-understood lines of accountability and responsibility. This reduces any uncertainty around the "who, what, when, and why".

Focus on business value
We work very hard at making our client successful, both during and after the implementation. By having a shared vision of success we develop a better understanding of the business value and how success will be measured.

Stay agile, expect change
Our driving mantra is to stay agile and expect change from stakeholders and even the team itself.

Invest in quality
Investment in quality people, processes and tools.

Partner with customers
We have a keen interest in our client’s business, the value of their current solutions and how to improve them. Our clients drive our business and their requirements drive our process.

Always create shipable solutions
Each change should be done in the context that the product should be ready to ship at any time.

Empower teams 
Teams should be big enough for any project but small enough to innovate, change and adapt quickly. 

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